Thursday, 16 July 2015

Garden 12: Death and Potential

Rincón of Certain Death - this is where plants go to die. Dry and shady, even morning glory can't be bothered. I like the green-ish, clog-shaped rock on the compressed clump of dead roots from an abandoned planter.

The rabbit is the frame from a Mother's Day boxwood topiary,
 killed gradually with good intentions and neglect.

The runty, unhappy lilac, which has never bloomed, is looking for a new home. Do you have a sunny place for it?

East Garden - also parched due to overhanging trees, but it does get some morning light. Inspired by a since-destroyed garden (passed twice daily in the two years before the search began for a more appropriate educational setting for my son), the sedum-covered rotting stump is my favourite element of the garden - if only for its potential.

I'm trying to encourage the snow-in-summer to grow into a massive, cascading clump, by not re-planting it - yet again - into a new spot at least once every single year. I think I might finally have settled most of the plants into places where they - and I - can agree on. The clump is getting bigger, but produces very few flowers.

The rhododendron hasn't bloomed in so many years I don't remember what colour it is. Maybe next year; it's healthy enough...

The bricks came from a dumpster at a gutted house, a block away. I stole them home (loudly) on my son's plastic wagon under the cover of darkness after an anniversary dinner out with my husband. After the 3rd load the security guard, who had been watching from the shadows, thanked me for taking them. Scared the be-jiggers out of me.

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