Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Garden 8: Gnomes and Slugs

The hand-me-down pot contains what, for 17 years, I thought was the worst mint ever,
and actually turns out to be pretty good lemon balm
This little guy, along with two buddies (one since broken), came from a friend's yard sale in support of cancer research. They fill in empty spots in the garden. My son became convinced I am a huge enthusiast, and makes me garden gnome-related creations to show his love. In the days before the New Slug Relocation Policy, many a banana - and ordinary - slug was dispatched from within, using a pair of pruners, a tiny shovel, a chopstick, a dedicated kitchen knife or a twig - apparently, slugs are fond of gnomes, too.

When my son learned the details of my (now-suspended) Slug Elimination Program, he was horrified, and accused me of murder. The new protocol involves removal to the yard waste bin. As long as they stay in, we can make this work.

I found the metal, snail stepping "stone" with my neighbour and friend, Petersalvaging plants in a Kitsilano garden that was already under destruction. We rescued a number of excellent, healthy plants that afternoon, including the huge sword fern in this picture, a purple, miniature rhododendron, and a mophead hydrangea that looked like it wouldn't make it, but rallied in the second year.

The garden clogs came from "Stuff Night", a kind of infrequent swap meet with friends, benefiting the DDA. Previously an important component of my slug destruction arsenal, these days they are as likely to be worn by my son as by me. We've reached that brief juncture where we are of similar size, and I'm heartened by his readiness to share. By next summer I will have the shoes all to myself again. Hope he'll still lend me his hoodies. 

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