Friday 10 July 2015

Garden 9: Veggies and Sweet Pea

Part of the veggie garden, which occupies a slim portion of the back alley. Lettuce, garlic and kale do OK, but, perplexingly, I have no talent for growing zucchini. Black tubs and encouragement come from Peter. The wooden boxes were found in an alley near my house. The substitute behaviour interventionist (BI), during a break from a back-yard proprioceptive input session with my son (which looks a lot like whacking him repeatedly with various objects), helped me carry them from the back of the car.

Another view of the renegade garden, showing a failed attempt at vertical gardening using discarded, mesh trash cans. It had seemed like such a good idea, but produced only dandelions and a few limp, bitter lettuces.

The neighbour behind us has two Boler trailers, similar to the one my family used when my sister and I were growing up. They have a particular smell: fibreglass, hot dust, sticky ketchup packets, a whiff of propane and just a hint of bad refrigerator. Not entirely unpleasant.

The kitchen garden, at the bottom of the stairs. I love the idea more than the reality. Maybe if it got some sun... As it is, it gives a dependable, if not smallish, supply of garlic chives, chard, kale and nasturtium.

My dad built the wooden planter. The rest, including the wrought iron rack, came from the alley.
This is a sweet pea (?) my daughter planted in Brownies. I'm hoping it will climb the clematis and flower profusely, with its cheerful scent and cute, little, candy-coloured blossoms - but it's not doing much. I smell every sweet pea I pass, hoping for a good, strong whiff; have you noticed in recent years they've had almost no fragrance at all? Sweet pea scent has gone the way of watermelon seeds.

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