Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Garden 5: Cement Bench and Wallflower

As promised: a poke through my garden - in 10 installments, more or less.

The story of much of what's in my house and garden begins, "I was walking down the street..."

This bench came from outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken on W. Broadway, which is now David Hunter Garden Centre. I paid $20 for it, including delivery - everything that was in my wallet when I happened upon the men loading it into their van, happened to get talking to them, and happened to be offered it for however much I was willing to spend. I'm lucky that way.

Before babies, I would have spent hours improving it. For about the first 8 years I still intended to. Now I love the peeling paint the most. Thank you, Babies.

Behind it, my fairy godflower. This obliging wallflower - an orphan rescued from a bulldozer - is happy to grow from just a broken twig stuck in the soil.

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