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Home Learning Week 31 - Ella Enchanted, Butterflies 3, Money, Story of Life 1, Watermelon 2, Sweet Pea, Tomatillo, Disappointed, Visual Memory, Adding Tens, Garden Beds, Muffins, Thank You to Carol, Contractions 2, Butterfly Cage, Ken

May 1 - 5

Reading Comprehension - Ella Enchanted

Listening to story, answering comprehension questions, compiling vocabulary list, composing sentences to illustrate vocabulary definition
She's probably like, "I want a princess dress!" 'Cause she is a princess. Whoever has a big castle is probably a princess - it makes sense, doesn't it?

Vocabulary - Ella Enchanted

1. Clam chowder is inedible because it tastes like stinky armpits.
2. Mom: You have to go to your bedroom and sleep there for the whole day!
Kid: No!
Mom: Yes!
Kid: Uh-uh!
Mom: You are naughty! You are defiant!
3. Clam chowder soup nauseates me!
4. The tide goes in, then it recedes.
5. I’m riding my horse with the reins on it. You actually have to hold on tight, because even if it is going slow it can knock you down. You actually have to hold on to the reins!
6. A book that always has chapters and chapters and chapters and chapters - and it’s a sequel book because it’s a very long story in more than one book. Critter Club 2 is a sequel.
7. Critter Club is not a trilogy, because it has ten thousand books, I think. A trilogy only has three books.

8. You publish a book. I publish my blog post every week.

Science - Painted Lady Butterflies Life Cycle

Observing life cycle of Painted Lady butterfly; measuring, describing, recording
Oh my lord - it looks terrible and I don't want to smell it! Do you think the caterpillars are ready to go in their cage?

What is that red stuff? Meconium - that's a hard word. "It is not blood. It is a liquid they use to pump up their wings."

All of them are basically hanging there, except for one... is it big as my finger? It looks awful in there, Mom! Can I not look at them - 'cause they're gross right now! Is that all their poop in there? What are those big clumps, Mom? How about the red stuff? That's really weird, right?

April 21 (6 days old, lower left) compared to April 26 (11 days old, lower right) and May 3 (18 days old, top):
Comparing caterpillars at 6, 11 and 18 days of age, and (below) at 19 days - big changes
Orange and red are meconium? It's creepy-looking. Did she say some might not make it? 

6 Days, 11 Days, 19 Days:
April 21
April 26
May 4
6 days
11 days
19 days
2 plastic containers
2 plastic containers
2 plastic containers
6 larvae
5 chrysalides
1 dead
dark grey
dark grey
Chrysalides are silver grey and gold
41mm (caterpillars)
Climbing, wiggling, sitting in webbing
Crawling, sitting upside   down on the lid, pooping, shaking, hanging in webbing
Caterpillars: hanging upside down, like a J; crawling, eating

Chrysalides: shaking sometimes; hanging upside down; one is stuck in webbing

Shedding dead skin; yellow balls of poop
They look weird, big, lots of meconium – it looks disgusting. Lots of disgusting poop balls, dead skin and dead caterpillar on the ground

Reading Comprehension Exercise: "A Letter from the School Nurse"

Reading a passage for information and understanding; answering questions based on the reading; solving crossword puzzles


Contagious - you can catch to something. Like a cough.
Conjunctivitis - it spreads by when you rub your eye. Of course it will sting, 'cause you have your finger right pressing it, so it will hurt a lot.

Crossword Puzzle

Count the letters before writing the word. One CAPITAL letter per square! Intersecting words must have the same letter at that space 
I'm really bad at it - someone has to help me with this. That's so tricky!

Math: Money - Loonies, Toonies, Quarters

Identifying Loonies, Toonies, quarters; memorizing value of coins
Will we get this out of the way, right?

I knew they were not the same size - put them together - look!

Big Project - The Story of Life on Earth; 600 Million Years

Planning, discussing new project; preparing time line; fine motor: using tape dispenser
We have to find a big, long, nice piece of paper. And probably some pictures to see what it looks like. And probably some story. If the tape is not working for us, we will probably use glue, right? When we're done this we'll definitely have to put it on the Wall of Fame, or something!
Mind mapping Earth before creatures, for future writing
Weird-looking creatures - we're thankful that the Earth actually made them extinct, right?
Volcanoes - so that's what made the Earth made into humans, animals, trees...

Science - Gardening


Observing seedlings grow; watering, handling gently
It's working!
Collaborating to plan, build, plant and tend a community vegetable garden; comparing "scatter" gardening to traditional row gardening
So the watermelon's going to be in those big ones - you know what I mean, how watermelon spreads!

Sweet Pea

Soaking pea seeds 48 hours to improve germination; counting by 2's; vocabulary: germination
Hey! That looks like a bum or a heart. Are they similar to Bleeding Hearts?

Mom, these seeds feel fat. They're super rough and hard... they actually feel smooth. Don't they feel smooth? We've got lots of them: 68 seeds! We're going to soak them in water to make it easier for them to germinate.

Am I allowed to eat these?
Mixing seeds with pea and bean inoculant to produce nitrogen that helps them grow and fixes the soil
This is going to stink. It's going to look really weird! With my finger? No - I don't want to do it with my finger; can I get a spoon?
Digging soil, adding composted manure, planting inoculated sweet pea seeds 1cm deep; repurposing bedsprings as trellis for privacy


Planting seeds 3 per plug, marking seedlings with popsicle sticks; using grow light
That looks like a heart! Cute!

Cherry Tree

Reading about planting requirements; choosing a location to plant
We are lucky to have a cherry tree and an apple tree! And raspberries! (And plums!) Yeah! And painted lady sweet peas! And flowers! Mm-hm!

Don't we have a realistic garden - look at it! It looks real!

Physical Activity Break - Laps 

Running, chasing, increasing heart rate, endurance, fitness level, focus
OK - we're going to do more than 10 - we're going to do 14! 

Math - Subtraction of Numbers Larger than 19, with Regrouping

Using Cuisenaire rods, regrouping without messing up the number; fine motor: arranging blocks and picking up a column of 10 ones; starting with the ones blocks
Can you help me with this? I mean can you do it for me? Your hands can't even control that! That's the part that messed it up.
Subtraction practice - a work in progress; writing ones in ones column, tens in tens column

Social and Emotional Development - Disappointed

Processing, recognizing, discussing and developing language for emotions; fine motor: colouring
I was disappointed that I couldn't see my friend, Christie. She was sick - she was food-poisoned. She was going to pick me up, and I was like, "Where's Christie?"

It's really a bummer when they make you have to do the instructions - the colouring instructions. You can't see that, but I actually coloured it in, in white. He has albinism on his neck.

I tried my best!

Visual Memory - Animal Cards

Give 5 seconds to study three picture cards on rack, then turn rack so cards are out of sight.
Reproduce string of cards from pile face-up on desk. 
Look again at rack, compare. Using words only (no touching), describe what (if anything) needs to change. Hide rack again. Make changes. Compare
AZ: It's perfect and I'm awesome.
Andrew: Well, obviously three is presenting no problems to you - I think we should bump it up.

May 4th - Star Wars Day

Everybody might take their lightsabers - like if you had a lightsaber you could just cut off a person's head!

Math - Adding Tens

Noticing patterns when digits are multiplied by 10
E.g. 7 + 2 = 9  70 + 20 = 90
Of course I can do this - Mom, I know what to do here.  Ooh, Mom - help me here!

E-a-s-y - why is it so hard to do "easy"?

We'll do my homework, and then what?

Science, Recycling, Gardening - Building Garden Beds from Repurposed Materials

Observing, asking questions, staying safe around power tools
No one put your hand next to a saw, or it's like, "Ka-ching!" your hand is off!

Woo! I thought the wood would be pretty strong, but the saw cut right through it! Woo! Mom - look how many pieces he cut down!

So we'll have boxes to plant flowers and everything?
Repurposing materials (old garage floor, new garden beds)
I tell you what: that grass is gonna kerplop!

How can you tell which is not rotten and rotten? Is any of this stuff in good shape here?

Baking - Banana Easter Egg Muffins

Gross motor: crushing chocolate eggs in Ziploc bag with rolling pin; fine motor: filling muffin cups using spring-operated muffin scoop; portioning; re-purposing left-over Easter eggs, over-ripe bananas
Oh my god, I hope she'll like this! Do you think she's gonna like this? I haven't had chocolate for awhile! Now this is what I call fun!

This looks like vomit right now. Well, believe it or not, this is what it looks like when you mix it! This is super healthy, isn't it?
Replace the honey with bananas and 4x 2" hollow Easter eggs

Science - Bugs

Collecting, observing, touching, smelling local bugs
This is our jar of dead animals, right? Why does the bee feel so soft - want to feel it? Do wasps bite or sting? Is this a girl bee or boy bee?

Writing - Thank you card for Carol

Giving thanks, inventive spelling, decorating, addressing envelope, walking, mailing
A heart - not bad! Fancy pen - what am I going to write with this? Look - a spiral! 

Thank you for letting us feed - how do you spell "your"? - dog. What else do I draw? I'm seriously not good at dogs! I just have to believe in myself that I can actually do it! Haha! That's actually like her tail! How many legs does a dog have, Mom? Hold on - that's her private bits - what a dog has under there: nipples. A flower... should we write "flower" down there? F-l-o-w-e-r. What can I do now? Are you done talking to me, or do we have to have another talk? What's her address?
Giving a little gift, playing, throwing, patting

Spelling: Contractions

Using contractions in sentences; placing apostrophe in correct location; changing contraction to full words and vice versa; using PENCIL, not marker for worksheets!

Science, Sewing, Recycling: Butterfly Cage

Designing and making butterfly cage from repurposed materials: curtain, cereal box, elastic bands, pattern hook; sewing, serging, inserting zipper, using hot glue gun
How long have we been working on this thing for? I don't think this is a particularly good spot for the cage to go, 'cause it might fall down and the butterflies might get injured.  Ooo - it can twirl!

This baby's up!

On the Purpose of Ken Dolls:

Every girl that likes Barbies has to have a Ken doll - if you have a boy and he's your friend then you can play with Barbies.

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  1. Great dress! I like the fabric. Any slugs in the garden this time of year?
    From Sheila

    1. It's my nightgown!!! Hahaha! Yes, there are slugs in the garden.

    2. Great nightgown! I hope your water measuring didn't overflow last night. There was ALOT of rain!!
      From Sheila