Thursday, 4 May 2017

Home Learning Week 30 - Watermelon, Money, Tired, Butterflies 2, Handsome Warren, Catnip, Water Measurement, OT Assessment 2, Rounding, Contractions, Silly, Soaring Eagles 6

April 24 - 28, 2017

Science, Gardening - Watermelons

Preparing peat plugs to plant seeds; counting seeds; determining depth of planting using a mark on the finger; marking seeds with popsicle sticks
It smells like maple syrup; it smells good around here.

We are growing watermelons in wooden boxes. We put a mark on my finger to see how deep we had to put the seed in. 

We're going to eat them - there's nothing bad for you in watermelons - and we're going to pickle them! How are we going to pickle them, Mom, how do we do it? We make the whole thing? 

Exploding water melon challenge is you have to put a lot of elastic bands on the watermelon and do it until it explodes. Basically, you only have to wait for it, right? But what should we wear? Bathing suits, probably.

Real Life Math - Money Management

Making a Purchase, counting change, naming coins and giving their values
We went to go to the grocery store to get me a piece of gum so I don't fall asleep in the class. The person kept the money - she gave me thirty cents - is that called trading, Mom? It's called paying!

Social and Emotional Development - Emotions: Tired

Processing, recognizing, discussing and developing language for emotions; fine motor: colouring
My eyes get droopy and I fall asleep. Put on some music - music will wake me up. Like, why am I sleeping in class?

Get enough sleep or you get grouchy.

When I'm colouring for awhile makes my hand tired - yeah, that's true.

Science - Painted Lady Butterflies

April 24 - 9 days old
Observing, comparing, predicting; Internet research; determining the sex of a butterfly
It tickles! It's going to get off! Mom - it's getting off! Quick - let's put the lid on before it runs away!

April 21 (6 days old, left) compared to April 26 (11 days old, right):

April 21
April 26
6 days
11 days
2 plastic containers
2 plastic containers
dark grey
Dark grey
Climbing, wiggling, sitting in webbing
Crawling, sitting upside down on the lid, pooping, shaking, hanging in webbing

Shedding dead skin; yellow balls of poop

Is it a boy or a girl?

Are caterpillars insects? Yes they are! What the heck??!!

Book Report - Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren

Reading for enjoyment and understanding; retelling the story; giving opinion; judging suitability for others; vocabulary: nutball
Well, basically, Junie B. Jones loves Handsome Warren, and all the girls start fighting 'cause they're all in love with him. But look at his face - he doesn't look happy - look at him. He has a not nice face - a grossed out face - I don't know why. They're getting all mad and feisty, aren't they? 

She made friends with him by making him laugh, by making knock-knock jokes. She called him a nutball. I think they become best friends. I can't quite tell if they have a crush on each other. He is a boy and he is her friend, so he is her boyfriend - it makes sense.

It was funny - do you want to read it?

Who would you recommend this book to?
Carlo would like to read it. Oona at my old school would like to read it - I think so; I think she would like it. Kate... I'm not so sure if she would like it, or not. Oona in Japan.

How long did it take you to read it?
Not very long - two days.

Am I boy crazy?

Oral Reading - Junie B. Jones and the Mushy, Gushy Valentine

Reading for pleasure and understanding; retelling story; Internet research: Junie B. site: games, colouring pages, activities
I want to show you a funny picture that's from her crush - Junie B. found a mushy, gushy Valentine - it was a secret admirer. Oh yes, she did! I'm going to show you the picture!

This is her secret admirer, but he's pretending he doesn't like her. I just have to read the chapter page, cause that'll help me... I guess his name is Jim... they seem like they are in love with each other.

Mom! You gotta see this:
"Come visit me on my very own website"! 
So what kind of things does it have there? Oh my god - I didn't know she had her own website! She is a spoiled girl, whatever she is! So she's an actual kid - isn't she an actual kid? Probably not, right? Her website is pretty cool-looking, already.

I want to do the food fight! But I think it is actually pretend - probably like on the screen of the computer - I think you need to click on the door and something might happen, right? Maybe I can do this at 3, when school is over?

 Science, Gardening - Catnip

Preparing pots with potting soil; sowing seeds; watering
I admit, this is fun - like playing with puppies, but dirty. Mom - I swear you have dirt on your nose.

Science, Math - Rain Water Measurement

Measuring and recording rain water per month; ordinals: first, second, third
The first is the most and the second is second most. October has the most rain water. November... where's November? November has the second most. April has the third most rain water. We have a lot of rain water in Vancouver! We're probably not gonna have the same in May, 'cause it's gonna be sunny!

Occupational Therapy Assessment - Part 2

Assessing balance (static and dynamic), fine motor skills, throwing and catching:
Walking heal-to-toe along a line, like a balance beam; tracing along a wavy line; placing pegs in holes, right hand then left, without replacing
My left hand is not used to this!

I was glad it was over because it took such a long time. Oh my gosh - it took even longer than the other time! I did OK.
Hopping, keeping off the cracks; balancing with one leg on a balance board; threading laces through holes, in and out, not around and around
Oh - I like hopping! Dang! Can I switch feet?

You actually expect me to balance on this thing? Hard - very hard!
Throwing and catching a ball against a wall; throwing beanbag at target
Dang! That is not easy! I am not good at this!

It was hard, and then I got better.

Beanbag - that's kinda boring.

Math - Rounding

Using 100 chart and "laser guided target system" to find the ten nearest to a number
We use this chart to round by saying the closest number with a ten.

Rounding to the nearest 10 (no 5's)
What's closest to 11? Duh... 10! Done! Now can you help me with the stupid TV?

Math - Subtraction of Numbers Larger than 19, with or Without Regrouping

Using Cuisenaire blocks, make second number from first number, after regrouping
This is a cute pencil, Mom. Who gave it to me?

It was hard at first, but then it was easy because I got better at it. From practicing, probably - yep.

Spelling - Contractions, "oa" 

Removing correct letters and replacing with apostrophe to form contractions; pronunciation: apostrophe
"He'll" is awkward if you forget the apostrophe - it makes a word you don't want to say. Yeah, true!

Noticing and applying spelling patterns: long "o", with "oa" spelling
Wasn't hard. I think spelling is interesting.

Social and Emotional Development - Emotions: Silly 

Processing, recognizing, discussing and developing language for emotions; fine motor: colouring
Her hair is like bubble gum.

I feel silly, Mom - your girl is kooky right now. Are we going to have a wrestle, or not?

Social and Emotional Development - Appropriate Questions

Compiling a list of potentially socially inappropriate questions; discussion of the questions - when are they appropriate, or not? Discussion of alternate questions or comments
How would you feel if someone asked you, "Were you born with a big belly?"
I'd probably say, "Well, it's none of your business."

How old was I when I asked to pat her son's hair? I wouldn't do it now, unless it looked tempting.

Soaring Eagle Nature School #6

Hiking, tracking, birding, identifying animals and plants, survival skills, physical activity, enjoying the fresh outdoors with other kids
I'll probably be chilly when I'm done, right? So, a warm bath. And filthy... Thankfully I have pockets! 

Oh my god - this bag is so heavy! Did you feel how heavy my bag is? This bag's been very good at heavy stuff for me - it's been excellent.

Homework: learn something super cool about a bird that lives in the area.

Crows have excellent memories. True! They dive bomb people that they don't know. They want to protect their eggs. The baby is a precious thing to the mama and dada, right?

Listening Comprehension/Following Directions

Listening to and following directions, with one repetition permitted
AZ: What's a consonant?
Andrew: Not a vowel.
AZ: That makes sense. What's a vowel?

On Bullying

Bullies bully because they are sad and they want people to feel as sad as they are. I am sure they have kindness in them. They are hurt because somebody bullied them. It's true kind of, right?

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