Monday, 6 February 2017

Home Learning Weeks 18 - Thank You Cards, Math Without Help, Term Two Reflection

Writing - Thank You Card

Showing appreciation, writing message of thanks, decorating and illustrating, addressing an envelope, mailing letter
That looks like a B - oh no! I don't want her to get confused! 

Agh - I don't like the smell of Sharpie! Is it toxic? Hopefully it is not, 'cause that would not be good. Toxic is bad, bad, bad for your nose. It is bad for everything. My spelling is improving, Mom; you know what I mean, right? I don't like the smell of Sharpie at all. You know what I mean? 

Now I'm just gonna make a heart. I wanna make a blue heart, but I don't know how. I'm gonna try and make a heart. I'm gonna make an emoji. Will she know what this is? A coat you can use for a polar bear - if it is tame! She will not know what it is, but she will say, "Nice drawing." Right? 

K - I'm done!

Science - Hummingbirds

Observing wildlife in the city; following directions, measuring, mixing, pouring

Hummingbird Nectar

1 cup sugar
4 cups boiled water

Mix together. Cool. Pour into hummingbird feeder.
I'm really thirsty. Did you know cold water is the best to drink? 'Cause it refreshes your mouth.

The pee is the boss of you when you have to go to the bathroom. You just have to sit and wait for it to come out.

Math - Addition and Subtraction

Addition and subtraction to 20: +1, -1, +10, 10-, using Cuisenaire rods (real or virtual),
"10 parters" or number line
1), 4) and 5) Hedgehog - look: I've got 12 there, I've got 12 there! 12! Is this all 12's, Andrew? Well, no.
6) 12 minus 7: now this is hard, but I'm going to do it. When I'm done this one, can I have a break? It seems like it's 5. Did I do something wrong? Let's count: 5!
9) 7 plus 1. 17? No, 8.
11) 8 plus 3: I don't get it... I don't know what to do. Red! 11: look, Mom!
13) 5 minus 5. I don't get this. Zero.

Physical Education - Running Laps, Energy Break

Sixteen laps, and then we'll do it (page 2, math). Open the door first, or you might bonk into your face. Let's do it, Mom! Come on!

Back to Math

4) 8 plus 8: that's hard. This is getting a bit tricky for me, but I can do it: 16.
5) 8 plus 1. Of course I know that, cause I'm 9, and I know it.
8) 15 minus 7. Oh god, how do I do it? 5 and a ten makes 15. Put 7 on the bottom and get another one. 8! I don't know what it is. 8 - yeah! Silly me. 8.

Art - Painting, and Writing - Thank You Card

Showing appreciation, writing message of thanks, keyboarding, softening paints with water, cleaning brush between colours
Thank you, Grandma, for finding my retainer case. Thank you for the presents for my birthday. I hope they're gonna turn out nicely and not break. I'm worried about that. I opened the books that you got me, but there are two other presents I hadn't opened. I'm excited for my birthday. I wish you can come here one day, Grandma. The end. Love you Grandma. Love you, too Grandpa. AZ

I'm gonna turn 10 - I'm not lying. I'm pretty lucky - I'm gonna get two digits. Am I still 9?

Oral Reading - Critter Club

Reading aloud - reading for understanding and pleasure, making predictions
Tricky words: field, Sullivan, St. Bernard, any, rained
That kind of sounds like mischief to me! It's totally a mystery: they're going to find the dog, but how are they going to find the dog?

I'm going to read that part all over again.

Term Two Reflection

1. One thing I did to help a person recently: I helped a person get to the hospital. She falled down on the sidewalk, in the snow, and she hit her leg and her head. We put two blankets on her and there was a dog and I got to pet the dog and help the dog get calm. The dog was still scared and I had to help the dog. We waited until the firetruck came, and then I went to my buddy, Owen's, house, and I saw my buddy Owen and I played with him with his dog.

It seemed really dangerous for the lady, so we decided to help her. It felt really, really, really, really something good for my body 'cause I didn't do that before, but I felt good that I helped that person get safe.

2. My favourite book to read: Junie B. Jones and also Critter Club, because it was my favourite books. They were nice. I liked the pictures, how it was made (how they drew the pictures). I like Junie B. because she is really feisty. I think all of them, when you are done those books, are going to be mysteries in there - they are all going to be Critter Club mysteries. I have four.

3. I am interested in learning science... science kits. I do science with Dad. There's all sorts of ones; trust me - none of them actually worked. I want colour-changing stuff and chemical reactions. I'm going to go and take a science class one day. (starting Jan 31, but now postponed to Spring)

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  1. I wonder do you think my daughter Oona who is 8 will like Critter Club or Junie B. Jones? Are they hard to read? She is just learning to read English.

    1. I think it's going to be easy for her because... NO! I don't think it's going to be easy for her because she might not be able to read the book properly. She might not be able to say Mrs and Mr. Those are the hard things in the book. I think she will like them because they are mystery books. Junie B Jones is a crazy kid and she gets in trouble in school and at her home.

      Are you going to help read the book since she's just learning to read?

      How old is your son? Is he older than me, 'cause I am just 10.


    2. Hey Az,

      Thanks for responding! I agree that Mrs. and Mr. are hard to read. I think it's crazy that Mrs should be pronounced Missus and Mr should be pronounced Misters- but I guess it's just something you have to remember. I'm trying to learn to read Japanese and it is really tough because this 犬 is pronounced inu and means dog, but this 大 is pronounced dai or ooki and means big, but they both look almost the same!

      I help both my son and my daughter read. I will buy one Junie Jones book for Oona because she likes mysteries and is a bit of a crazy kid too.

      My son Hugh is 13 years old. How many years older is he than you?

    3. 13-10=3
      He is 3 years older!

      Does every single time she goes on your back?


  2. Right! He's three years older. Does Oona ride on my back all the time? No- she was pretty small in the picture you see of me. She wants to ride on my shoulders but she's far too big for me to carry like that now!

    1. That's not fun for her. I would like my mom to pick me up everyday, but she can't. Mom is too weak to have me on her back!

  3. It might not be fun for her, but it's better for me! The last time I carried Oona I had to go see the doctor because I got a pinched nerve in my neck- that made my arm feel like it was always asleep. So, although I can carry Oona- it's not really that good for me.

  4. Oh - that sounds bad.

    What do you mean by "a crazy kid"?

  5. Yeah it was pretty bad. When I said she is crazy kid I meant she is not so serious and likes to do and say things that are unexpected. I guess she is a little like me but more fun.

    What kind of person are you?

    1. A fun person. A nice person - like I help people who stand up for themselves from bullies.

      I like to play Uno but sometimes I don't.

      Thank you for the comment.

      From AZ

  6. You like Uno? I like Uno too. You should try the game Sushi Go! that is a fun game too. Or maybe your mom can teach you crazy eights I'm sure she knows it. I used to play it a lot when I was your age.

    1. I never played Crazy Eights. I like to play games, but not very much.