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Home Learning Week 22 - Valentine's Day, Science World, New Brunswick

February 14-17, 2017

Baking, Art, Celebrations - Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

Using a rolling pin, gentle handling of dough, estimating equal spacing, tinting icing, "painting" cookies, decorating with sprinkles, giving and enjoying!
Cookies, cookies.... Who's going to lick that? That's enough sprinkles on that!

Colour mixing: pink + blue = purple!
Cookers always have the apron on - when they're eating, too. Mm... that's really good - can I have some milk, please? Mmm! And what does this one taste like, right? Who wants to lick the spoon?

Geography, Language Arts - New Brunswick

VLC Homework: learning about Canada, Internet research, colouring, writing - flagpurple violetblack capped chickadeelicense plateinteresting facts  (If I yawn, it's probably something boring.)
Becky, please don't make something crazy like this! Whoever did this was crazy-person! This is going to be the worst colouring ever I had. Now I'm going to get super-confused, because I don't know what I'm colouring! They're nutty - whoever made this was very nutty people! Very complicated! Mom, do you think this is even more complicated than the Harry Potter one? I think the person knows how to draw a little bit too goodly. I'm really tired of colouring - I want to stop and rip this page!

Science - Field Trip to Science World

Exploring science exhibits, especially animals (live and stuffed) and a live science demonstration on sound
We got to touch a turtle at Science World. I wanted to touch the snakes. They don't let you pet the snakes because they have to stay for a few days in their pen after they get fed - they can't do anything because they might poop on you. Their poop stinked 'cause they just ate.

You know how interesting this is - snakes when they get bigger, they shed and it's cool, 'cause you can see what it's made... the designs on the back, the scales. I bet an alligator can attack and hurt the snake, or maybe the snake can attack an alligator! 

Crazy enough, some people have allergies to pets.
The big tree was huge. It was high up - I didn't like it. 

Math - Tens and Ones

It's good. In the middle. (Not easy or hard)

How many tens? Write it down. How many ones? Write it down. What number did you make? Let's check (with Cuisenaire rods): take the tens, take the ones. Count by tens. Count by ones. Is it the same number?
Colouring in "tens" and "ones" to represent a two-digit number
Hard and not hard.

Math - Addition and Subtraction

Addition and subtraction, mixed up with 10+, 10-, +/-1, using Cuisenaire rods
I feel awesome that I had no help - all by myself. Oh my god, nothing but check marks!

You must be kinda bored, getting all these right answers. We are definitely going to throw down some more challenging work, pretty soon. (Andrew, VLC teacher)

Writing - Note to a Neighbour

Composing a message, tracing; looking out for neighbours
I was worried the house was going to get crashed down because of the fire - if it happened - from their car.

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