Monday, 20 February 2017

Home Learning Weeks 19+20 - Nerd Outfit, Quebec, Birthday

January 23 - February 3, 2017

Second Semester Reflection, Continued

Something my child designed recently: a Nerd outfit - her perfect outfit. She described it while I sketched and asked questions, then she improved it and coloured it in. We may or may not make it together, but we've got our eyes open for the components.
Nerds stay up at night doing science. I do wanna be a nerd that's very smart. Mom - you heard me, right? No one's gonna stop me, 'cause I'll be rocking this!

Canadian Geography, Language Arts - Quebec

 VLC Homework - learning about Canada, Internet research, writing, colouring: Quebec license plate

Math - Ordering Numbers

Using number chart 1-100 to find "before" and "after" a number between 1 and 80; using number line 1-23, to find missing numbers; counting backwards and forwards; reading directions
 I get it - minus is backwards, plus is forwards.
Using 1-100 chart to fill in missing numbers; reading a number chart like a book: left to right, top to bottom; reading "backwards"

Addition Fun, Subtraction Fun 

Using a number line and columns to add two numbers, 1-10, or subtract two numbers, 1-20
This is the exact same thing we're doing with "Math Blows My Mind"!

6) 7 and 7. Add them together. Get a 10. A three? 14. Hold on, that's a weird-looking 4.

15) Mom - come here! What is Andrew doing to me? Seriously! What is he doing to me? 10 plus 10! Nice try, Andrew!

I doubt math can expire.

19) What the heck do I do here? I've got a three. What is he doing to me? Mom - help me here. Three. I don't know why I'm hiccuping right now, Mom.

1) 10 plus 6. I can do this by myself! 16 - and it is! No - 10 minus 6... 4! You know math is not really fun, right?

Reading Comprehension, Writing

VLC Homework - reading for information; filling in the blanks, multiple choice questions, and sentence-writing

Oral Reading - Critter Club, Book 3 - Liz Learns a Lesson

Tricky Words: Mr, Mrs, digit, beamed, July; Punctuation: exclamation marks (excited or loud), periods (stop), comas (pause), quotation marks (someone is speaking)
"Ch 9 - Gotcha!" - Oooh! I think there's going to be a kidnapper!

Liz got an "A". She cried, "Wahoo!"  Oooh! Why not? It's the best thing you can do!

"Ch. 10 - The Best Day Ever" - What's the best day ever? Tell me, right?!

Celebrations - Birthday Plans

Birthday cake - deciding on flavour and decoration, reading recipe, measuring dry ingredients and butter, mixing, pouring, setting temperature and timer
Making goodie bags - sorting, deciding, counting, making list, shopping, dividing, labelling
Tell me, what's it like to be ten?
Well, it's fun.
Is it different than being nine?
Well, yes - because I have two digits and nine only has one digit; that's it.

Free Time - Activity Book, Colouring

It's just a normal kid with his own disease.

+5 medical appointments

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  1. Nerds can definitely be cool. As your mom about nerds at school.

    I like the suspenders- they are fun to wear and look really great, but they can get in the way sometimes.
    Congratulations on being 10. It is a great number- but 9 is pretty great too- you can turn it upside down and be six again or use it as the letter g!

    That cake looked tasty. What did you put in it?

    1. Sugar! Of course we put sugar in there. It was a vanilla cake, also vanilla icing.

  2. Super cool schoold!🌠🌠🌠

  3. Vanilla. I *love* vanilla. Mmmmmmmm! :-)

    1. Why do you love vanilla? It's my favourite flavour too.

  4. Why do I like vanilla? Hmmm, I guess because it is a flavor that goes with anything. I put it in pancakes, french toast, cake, ice cream...

    I love chocolate too but it goes with less things than vanilla.

  5. I will try vanilla in pancakes!

  6. So did you try it? Good right? Oona and Hugh always try to add extra vanilla when I make pancakes.

    1. I did not. That's so nice-sounding!

    2. Oh my god - that's so good! They're better than the other ones! Thanks for the recipe!