Friday, 30 September 2016

Home Learning Week 4 - Subject/Predicate, Squash, Mint/Calendula Face Mask

I enjoy home schooling a lot but sometimes Mom is too strict. She seriously is. She makes me do work when I don't feel like it.
This homework is from my teacher at VLC. I am learning about sentences. It is easy and hard. Every sentence has a subject and a predicate. The subject is the "main something" of the sentence. A predicate is about the something; it's what the something does or has or is.
We can mix subjects and predicates and make some funny sentences.
This is from my Victoria teacher. I am sorting sounds to help me spell. This is short "a" and long "a". It is too easy. I did it in grade 1.
This is the fun part about home schooling! I am covering kitchen waste to make compost in our new veggie garden. Digging is very good for your body.
Female squash blossoms have "balls" on them; the male ones don't - they have the pollen. The female one waits until it pops open and is fertilized by the pollen. The ball will die if it is not pollinated. The squash I fertilized is getting bigger.
I am cutting calendula and mint so I can make a face mask. It is easy to clip calendula flowers.
We blended them with yoghurt and cucumber.
Mom and I made up the recipe. We thought it would look like diarrhea and we were right!
I liked it when it was in the blender, but not on my face. At first it felt refreshing, but then it didn't. I didn't like the colour or the smell or the scratchy texture. Lush ones are better than ours - they have a good smell and nice colour and smooth texture. I'm not complaining. This is all true. We're going to keep trying to make a better one.

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  1. I enjoyed your mashed-up sentences, pretty funny. Did your face feel silky soft after you rinsed off your homemade mask?

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Well no, I did not think it felt good and it made my face green. We had to take it off with a facecloth.

  2. I always learn something new from you (like growing squash). I really like reading your home schooling blogs - I hope you continue to share your learning world with us.
    I'm a fan!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog and for your comment! I'm excited to have a fan!


    2. Thank you for reading my blog and for your comment! I'm excited to have a fan!