Monday, 3 April 2017

Home Learning Week 26 - Rotten Food, Embarrassed, Newfoundland and Labrador, Can Opener, Skating, Teacher Screecher, Rain Water, Slugs, Word Search

March 27-31

Cooking, Senses, Gardening - Rotten Food 

Using senses of sight, smell, touch to identify and explore spoiled food; composting
OO - that strawberry looks really bad! What does it look like when you cut it? Green, slimy colour!

What does it feel like? Ew, I don't want to feel. Very bad feeling... you touch it Mom - I dare you to touch it!

Kind of dirty-smelling...

Social and Emotional Development - Embarrassed

Processing, recognizing, discussing and developing language for emotions; fine motor: colouring
Tell me your embarrassing stories when I'm colouring this. Did you had underwear? Was it a girl or a boy? 

That's really embarrassing. Did you laugh, or not?

Canadian Geography - Newfound and Labrador

Learning about provinces of Canada; Internet research; writing; colouring
flagflag meaningflower, tree and birdlicense plateinteresting facts
The flag is strange-looking.

Cooking/Math - Using a Can Opener, Ripping Parchment Paper from a Roll, Setting the Microwave

Fine motor tasks: using a can opener (open arms, place flat to can, close arms and squeeze, twist until a "click" is heard, pull arms apart, position pincher and close arms, pull up on lid while using helping hand to hold can); removing parchment paper from a roll (rip down against corrugated edge while holding roll tight to stop from slipping); keying in heating time on microwave
Recognizing seconds vs minutes
I didn't even know I was capable of that. It's amazing the things we can do that we don't know. That's why you say I am brave and powerful.

Skating - Final Report

Gliding forward and backward, touching toes while gliding, turning on the spot and while gliding, two-foot jump while gliding, snowplow stop backward and forward
That foot is cold as ice as a popsicle in the freezer that stayed overnight!

Visual Memory and Visual Attention to Detail

At VLC, using Cuisenaire rods ("smarty blocks") - copy the pattern, compare, correct
AZ : What is it? I'm a little bit scared to do this.

Andrew: Oh come on - I wouldn't ask you to do something you can't do. 

Andrew: ... Not only do we have to pay attention to how many blocks there are, what colour they are, but also to how they are oriented on the table.

AZ: This is perfect and I am awesome.

Math - Ordering, Adding, Subtracting

Subtracting using Cuisenaire rods; adding 2-digit numbers, with regrouping using Cuisenaire rods; ordering using hundreds chart and by memory
Math can be pretty tricky if you don't know what you're doing, and it can be a pain in the patootie if you have to start all over again.

Fine Motor/Social Skills - Puzzles
Developing hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills; building visual-perceptual skills; developing attention, concentration and thinking skills: recognizing, remembering, matching, sorting and problem-solving; collaborating with a partner 

I think he's a boy bear, cause he is wearing blue. He may be a boy, maybe not. You can't really tell, 'cause teddy bears look exactly alike. This is hard - do you think this is at my level?

Reading, Writing - Book Report

Retelling, evaluating, recommending, reporting
I'm the kind of a girl who likes scary things. Happy dreams? No! I like spooky videos! I spook myself out, but I love it!

Vampire School - Teacher Screecher

It was about vampires and zombies in a school - two zombies, a lot of vampires. There was a teacher - I think Miss Fitt was her name. She's a zombie. She was first not a nice teacher - she made them do all math, and nothing else - and then she got super duper nice: she gave them candy. I'm not lying - it's in the book! 

I don't want a teacher like Miss Fitt - I'm happy with math... much happier, because they were not doing good math for me. I like my math teacher I have already.

It was not a scary book - it was pretty funny, I would recommend this to other kids, unless they don't like funny books. I would not recommend it to Oona, because there's a lot of weird words, monster words, made-up words, and she might not understand them, 'cause she is Japanese - she might not understand any crazy words.

It took two days to read. I would read another book like this; there are more books here, on the back. 

Weather Science, Math - Rain Water Collection

Observing, measuring, graphing, discussing, comparing, counting by 2, colouring inside the lines
Actually this is a really nice colour!

  1. Which month had the most rain? October - 49cm
  2. Which month had the least rain? February - 14cm
  3. How much rain did we have in March? 15cm
Oh the drama! The drama! I was just being a drama queen, Mom.

Gardening, Math - Slug Count

Using calculator to find total slugs moved to date; clearing calculation when a mistake is made; counting by 5; expressing 3-digit numbers
So we're going to ask that calculator to tell us?

415 slugs - that's crazy!

Reading - Word Search

Developing word recognition, pattern recognition; spelling

I've got a cough in my throat, and a cough in my nose.

Look at that - there's so many words!

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  1. Hey Az,

    Thanks for thinking about Oona, I think you are right- she wouldn't really like a book like that because she doesn't really understand made-up words like a native English speaker like you.

    415 slugs is a lot! What are you going to do to try and keep them away from your garden?

    1. The slugs are not going to cross the parking lot.

  2. Congratulations on your skating accomplishments! I enjoyed coming out to watch you the other week.
    I agree... that's a LOT of slugs. Yuck!
    - Dahl

    1. Thank you for saying that. Thank you from watching me from skating.

  3. So the slugs are a parking lot away? How did they get there?

  4. We put them there. It's a parking lot AND a sidewalk and two strips of grass. We hope they stay there.

  5. Did you pick them up! Slugs are really gross to pick up. I'd rather pick up just about anything other than slugs!

    1. No - we picked them up with gloves. I'm fine with slime.