Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Home Learning Week 27 - Cheer, Fish, Digit Sequences, Spelling "ea", Sad, Spring 2, Matching Pictures, Butterfly Books, Math Review, Private Questions 2

April 1-8

Physical Education - Cheer

Six 55 minute classes
"It is a FUN activity that combines all the athletic components of sport such as strength, power, flexibility, endurance, fitness and mental tenacity.  It also helps athletes increase their body awareness and self-esteem and develops leadership and communication skills.  Athletes in this sport work toward developing skills such as tumbling, jumping, stunting, performance skills, dance and team work." (Panther Cheer Website)
I'm excited to go to cheerleading 'cause I like those lifts. They're so fun! It was hard to do it 'cause there was girls standing on my leg, but I'm not kidding - those lifts are fun! 

Science - Keeping a Fish

Choosing fish, measuring water, counting water conditioner drops, feeding, observing
We know how other animals do it, but how do fish do it, with all that water in there?

He really looks happy in the water - let me show you. Seriously, don't let it get out of the water. Some stupid fish jump out of the water - you know what I mean, right? If they're smart enough they will jump out of the bowl and whack the mirror.

"Not" List
Listing what not to do with a fish
I know - no lollipops! Don't kiss! Don't hug! Leave them in the water, and that's it!
Reading about betta care, following directions and them dying, anyway - two in two days! Burying/composting dead fish; discussion: what went wrong?
Everything comes and goes. Tuesday leaves; Sunday leaves - it's basically like that. People survive, people die.

Are we bad fish owners? We sure have bad, bad luck with fishes. How is that?

He smells like dead fish - seriously. Well, that's upsetting. What happened to Linus? RIP, right?

I just touched a dead fish so I may need to clean my hands. Always good to clean your hands when you touch something dead.

I think I'm going to cry right now - I feel like it.

Listening/Short-Term Memory Exercise - Digit Sequences

Simple and complex auditory processing: repeat string of numbers forward (in memory only) and backward (with plastic numbers in numerical order, picked out if needed, then read backwards)
October, 2016 - 2 numbers forward only; April, 2017
 - 4 numbers forward and 3 backward, with plastic numbers for help
Becky: 0-2-3
AZ: Do you know Hermione in Harry Potter?
Becky: Let's stay focused - we have only two more.

Spelling - "ea"

Writing spelling words dictated from a list, with context sentences; identifying the common feature (ea)
sea, tea, ear, dear, hear, near, year, beat, meat, seat, meal, real, lean, steam, East
Rule: "When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking'
I get the rhythm - it's "ea"!

Social and Emotional Development - Sad

Processing, recognizing, discussing and developing language for emotions; fine motor: colouring
When I used to get bullied I felt sad. When it happened I kind of felt happy, 'cause I knew Carlo would stand up for me and protect me.

I try to cheer my own self up - I do something to make myself laugh. I'm crazy that way. I think about animals doing weird stuff and try to laugh: dogs going on top of their head, or on their stomach. Hey friends, look over there!

Signs of Spring II - Magnolia, Cherry Blossom, Hyacinth

Observing, naming and smelling flowering trees and bulbs; enjoying nature; walking
Today I see beauty outside. Easter - you're showing us off! I think the rain actually stopped because we said that. I'm not wearing a coat and I didn't feel a drop.

Nap, Revisited/Vocabulary in Action

Identifying fabrics with nap; loathe vs love
I don't loathe this stuff - I LOVE this stuff! So nice - look at this pink. Is this all for a girl's bedroom? This is the kind of nap you're talking about.

Math - Subtraction of Numbers Larger than 19, without Regrouping

Using 10x10 grid and Cuisenaire rods to represent subtraction equation - 2 sheets:
1) Build the first number using Smartie Blocks. 
2) Build the second using Smartie Blocks from the first number.
3) The Smartie Blocks left over give the answer.
Nothing but check marks - look at that.

Visual Memory Task - Matching Pictures

Give 5 seconds to study three picture cards on rack, then turn rack so cards are out of sight.
Reproduce string of cards from pile face-up on desk. 
Look again at rack, compare. Using words only (no touching), describe what (if anything) needs to change. Hide rack again. Make changes. Compare.
I need to get rid of the sheep and get the horse and put the lion at the end and get rid of the monkey, and that's it.

Library Visit/Oral Reading/Science/Gardening - Various Books about Butterflies, Bees, Cats

Visiting library to search for books about bees and butterflies for upcoming garden project; asking librarian for help; choosing books; checking out books; reading about animals (bees, butterflies, cats) for information and pleasure; planning a garden to attract bees and butterflies
Why does a cat have whiskers? Ooo! That's a nice question! 

I actually like dogs. I like the cuteness of them. 'Cause cats are a little bit stubborn to get in the bath. Some dogs like baths a lot.

Math Review - Mental Math: +/- 1, 10+, 10-Partners

Andrew: Mental math means you should be able to do these inside your head. Do you remember how to do those? Go ahead and use a number line for the first couple, if you need to.
Focus on paying attention to instructions/operation sign for each question
AZ: 5 - 1 = 4
I don't need to count!

Social and Emotional Development - Appropriate Questions, Continued

Compiling a list of potentially socially inappropriate personal questions and comments; discussion of appropriateness of questions/comments in various situations
This is some difficulties I have, right? Haha! I don't meant to say it, but it happens! I was so innocent when this all happens. It's true - I am innocent; I did not think!


You've got to listen to your bladder, or it's just going to tell you until you pee your pants.

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  1. Cheerleading looks interesting (and hard).
    Sorry to hear about your fish. Jami's red and blue fish have now died too, so she doesn't have any fish either.
    It was a great beautiful Easter/spring weekend. So nice to be out and about not having to wear our rain jackets (not like today).
    - Dahl

    1. Cheerleading is hard, but fun.

      Sorry about Jami's fish.

      Well, that's true - it is fun not to wear your rain jackets. I went bike riding today.