Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Home Learning Week 16 - Gerbil, Slime, Hummingbirds, Cocoa

Calendar - January

Saying the date; remembering order of days of the week, months of the year; ordinal numbers (first to thirty-first); temporal understanding/patterning: yesterday, today, tomorrow; printing practice: small, legible letters; executive functioning: keeping track of appointments, reducing anxiety and perseveration
How many sleeps do I have left? Six. Is that a long time?

Science - Animal Care

Feeding, playing, observing, getting it back in the cage!
Dusty is cute. Dusty is adventurous. And fast. And hard to catch. Yeah! We had to actually really handle her, right? Right? That's my gerbil.

Math - Addition and Subtraction

"Mom hellped me; Mom did not hellp me all the time" - writing both a sum and difference equation for each set of blocks

7) I should write the twelve there. Then put the six there. Then put the other six there. Bravo! I did it with no help from Hedgehog!

Hedgehog needs some serious medication. He got in a car accident. Did he got in a car crash?

Science - States of Matter
Executive Functioning - Emotional Regulation Skills

Exploring states of matter; using "fidget toys" as self-regulation strategy

Do you like the feel of this slime? It gets the badness out of you. Squeeze it and it gets out the madness. I'm not mad right now. 

I don't know what it smells like. It used to smell like grape. Now it smells like something bad. It's definitely Galaxy slime, or something. Oh, it stinks! I have to wash my hands. It's so ticklish! It's actually ticklish. Did you felt it? Did you actually felt it, Mom?

Social - Playing Games

Trying new games, reading and following directions, counting; evaluating and giving opinion
Leaping Lizards - Thank you, whoever made this game, but we don't like it. It's kind of babyish. Do you hear me?

Science - Birds

Feeding hummingbirds, observing
I think it likes it! Is that the same bird? Why it didn't came the other time? Maybe it was sleeping. Don't go outside Mom - you'll scare him.

Science - Animal Tracks

Observing evidence of wildlife in the city; following tracks, hypothesising, predicting

My favourite is summer and winter and fall and all of them. I'm crazy like that.

Cooking - Hot Cocoa

Reduced Sugar, Candy Cane Hot Cocoa
Adapted from Allrecipes



Whisk cocoa, sugar and salt in a saucepan. Blend in the boiling water. Simmer, stirring, for about 2 minutes. Stir in 4 cups of milk and heat until very hot. Do not boil. Remove from heat and add vanilla. Pour into 4 cups. Add marshmallow and sprinkle with crushed candy cane.
Following directions, measuring, stirring, whisking, crushing, enjoying, sharing
Excuse me! I'll bet Andrew heard that! Burping is the boss of you; you can't help it! 

That's something we should look up: why do toots get stinky? It's quite interesting, right?

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  1. Looks like January was busy. Happy New Year. I bet Dusty moves fast. Why is it that little animals usually move so fast? That slime looks pretty disgusting- I bet it gets a bit more gross each time you touch it- I wonder why that is. You folks have a lot of animals there. Most of our animals are either sleeping or have moved on to warmer places. That cocoa looks tasty. Have you tried Filipino hot chocolate? It is really creamy because it doesn't have the natural cocoa butter stripped out of it like dry cocoa does.

    1. What kind of animals do you have there?

      No we haven't! No hot chilli peppers! Is there hot chilli peppers in Filipino hot chocolate?


  2. No, just the chocolate. Hot chocolate with chilli peppers? That sounds like Mexican chocolate.

    1. Did you been at Mexico? My mom got sick at Mexico - that's totally true. Not even a fib there! Poor Mom.

      You didn't answer about your pets.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry for not answering about our pets. Hugh has two turtles. One is a red eared slider and the other is a Japanese soft shelled turtle. We used to have a dog but he moved in with Hugh and Oona's grandmother because she has a big garden for him to play in.

    Is Dusty hard to take care of?

    What other pets would you like to have?

    I've never been to Mexico, but I've been to many other countries. I've been lucky not to get sick in any of them.

    Would you like to go to Mexico?

  5. Why is it called a slider? The soft-shelled turtle is creepy-looking. Why would you want that as a pet?

    Yes, Dusty is hard to take care of 'cause she jumps super high. She gets out of the box, she just gets away.

    I want a dog but my mom's allergic to pets and my dad's apartment won't allow it.

    I have went to Mexico. I want to go back.

  6. I guess it's called a slider because it slides off what it is resting on and into the water when it gets scared.
    The soft-shellled turtle is creepy looking, but it's also kind of cool looking. Hugh was given both turtles as little babies that were smaller than a loony but now they are both over 15 centimeters long!

    What do you do when Dusty gets out of the box? Can you catch her?

    I understand why you would want a dog, but do you think you could take care of a dog well? They need a lot of attention and care. Hugh and Oona want a dog or a cat but we are not home most of the time and Hugh is allergic to cats so no dog or cat- yet.

    Why do you want to go back to Mexico? What did you do there?

    1. That's huge!

      Yes, I can catch her and Dad can catch her. Mom's afraid about it. That's kind of bad what happened there, 'cause she couldn't get the gerbil. She caught it in a bowl.

      Maybe I could take care of a dog. I would bring water to it, bring it belly rubs. Depends what kind of dog it is - walking it and feeding it and playing with it. 'Cause seriously, some dogs don't want to be played with, sometimes.

      'Cause it was a nice place there. It's a pretty place. A good place for Mexican food, if you're looking for Mexican food. I got my cowgirl boots at Mexico. But sadly they didn't fit me anymore. They were in bad shape.