Monday, 9 January 2017

Home Learning Week 15 - Christmas, Manure, Evil Sister

Traditions - The Nutcracker

Reading (3 versions), retelling, listening to the score, attending the ballet
Is it a love story? Well, the story is about the girl and the boy and they got married at the end. He's a prince but he was a nutcracker. The boy turns into the nutcracker 'cause the King of mice made a spell on him that made him like that. 

They meeted at Marie's house because that's where she lives. Her uncle gave her the nutcracker because he thought that was a nice Christmas gift for her. Her brother was jealous and he threw the nutcracker on the ground and Marie cried so much that the nutcracker was hurted from the brother. 

Uncle was in a dream that suddenly made her in a dream. Everyone was asleep, but not Marie.

The King of Mice was getting Marie and cursed the Nutcracker. And the mice were pirates, 'cause look: they have swords and look: and also an earring and a bandana and a thimble and a needle. Then they had a fight. The mice and the nutcracker fought together. The soldiers, they fighted with swords and wooden guns. 

Marie was hopeless. Marie threw the shoe at the mice and the mice got upset 'cause they did, of course. And they vanished. All of them vanished by the big girl. And the curse gone away. 

The nutcracker became a prince and then next page: so the prince bringed her to the sweet land and they saw ballets. The prince bringed the girl to the candy castle - a lovely prince. They got married when she was a grown up.

Math - Addition and Subtraction

10) Add them together. What do they make? What do I use? It's gonna be five. It's gonna be six. Sixteen. Sixteen, isn't it? Is that correct?

11) Three plus one. Thirteen. Oh, oh, wowowow. Four!

12) Ten minus one. Mom, I don't know how to do this. I don't know. Oh! Nine! Nine! It's a nine, right?

13) Fourteen minus seven. Ten and then a four. Where's the fours? Is this a three or four? Seriously. I am not happy right now. What do I need to do here? Oh, nine - I need nine. What number do I need? I don't know which numbers I need. I don't know what it is. Mom - help me! This is something I don't want to do right now... Yes! Seven!

14) Six plus one. Sixteen! Seven!

15) Ten minus four. Ten minus... Six!

16) Four plus nine. Put them together... do we need to get a ten? It's going to be bigger than ten. I was mumbling. Three! Thirteen! (Oh my gosh! Pepper spray! It's in your mouth!) That's a huge three. I disagree on that three. I should stop complaining about this eraser - it does erase. Hold on - that's a tiny three!

Traditions - Carolling

Singing, following along, choosing, enjoying!
My hair looks so silky there. Doesn't it look so silky? Right, Mom?

We do celebrate Christmas, but not in the God way. The true meaning of Christmas: don't tell them what the present is.

Art/Traditions - Christmas Tree

Cutting, gluing
I did not do the whole thing; Kelsi did some, I did the rest. I just picked the colours. I did do some cutting. Not all the gluing.

Traditions/Writing - Good-Bye Note

Well-wishing, printing
 It's one way Kelsi can remember me.

Gardening/Physical Activity - Hauling Manure

Shovelling, collaborating, preparing garden for Spring

Feeding chickens!
It's raw rice. Their beaks don't hurt a lot - not at all.  'Cause they're just pecking. Do you think we will get chickens?

Physical Education - Skating

Listening, skating forward, stopping, jumping, spinning
What time is it, Mr Santa? Weird.

Physical Education - Gymnastics

She likes chatting, I guess. 

Do you agree with me I need to be in a private class? 'Cause it was babyish, the other class. They're babies, right?

Language Arts - Story Writing

Jack and the Beanstalk

Reading, mind-mapping, retelling, printing, illustrating, colouring, cutting, gluing (6 pages)

Y's are tricky for me to do.
Christmas Story
Using mind map to compose a story with beginning, middle, end. Printing.
It's called, um, "Lulu".

Traditions/Language Arts - Card Writing

Writing a message, legibly
That's a whole lot of feisty on that page. And I'm not the kind of girl you expected! I'm going to write an exclamation! And... Have anything to say? I'm going to erase that. He might see that. 

I'm so excited about bringing this to him. Do you think he'll blush at me? What do you think he'll do? Am I blushing? Look at my cheeks. I just feel like to cry. No - I feel like to laugh. I just feel embarrassed.

Art - Masks

Pretending, decorating with markers, social activity with a friend
Would I technically be your evil sister if I wore this? Let me see if I am creepy in this mask.

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  1. You guys were crazy busy in December weren't you? I wonder what was the best part of the month... what made you both happiest? The manure shoveling looked fun. I love doing that kind of work- I kind of hate it before I start but I love doing it and I love seeing the results- fresh veggies growing happily. I can't believe how much you've been writing. I wish my kids would write as much. Writing is one of those things that only gets better with practice- it also helps in creating better thoughts. Keep it up- writing is a skill that most people just don't ever get comfortable with. I wish I was more comfortable with it!

    1. Opening presents! I got smelly markers! What do you got for Christmas?


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I got a really nice wool sweater. It's blue with grey stripes. I love it.

  4. Does the wool sweater hurt you? Does it irritate your skin when you wear that wool shirt? I find wool irritating to me.

  5. I love wool. I started wearing wool when I was about 14 or 15. It was pretty itchy, but I got used to it quickly. The new wool is much less itchy, and some other natural fibers like alpaca or angora are really soft. I like wool because it is always warm even when it's wet and it never feels sticky or clammy when it gets wet.

    The biggest problem with wool is that the moths here like it as much or more than I do so I am always trying to keep my wool clothes safe.

  6. What do the moths do? Probably lay their eggs in there?

  7. Yep. The moths lay their eggs on the wool and then the eggs hatch and the larvae eat the wool! So I wouldn't mind the moths if they laid their eggs somewhere else, but I hate those larvae- they are so hungry! So they eat my sweaters!

  8. Nope. It's really bad! If they eat holes in my sweaters I have to patch the holes and that takes a lot of time and the sweaters don't look so nice afterwards.

    1. That is not good what happened to your sweaters. It's good that you patch them. We don't like throwing our sweaters away... only if they're wool I bring them to people... they are uncomfortable for my skin.

  9. I agree. I think people should wear their clothes more before they throw them away.

  10. Yeah. I think this conversation is finished. :) (when you come to our house you'll probably be like, "Why did you say that?" Hahaha)