Saturday, 10 December 2016

Home Learning Week 14 - Snow, Salad, SPCA, Manitoba, Bison

Weather Science - Snow!

Estimating temperature, discussing weather conditions and seasons, fine motor practice (wiping, scraping),
playing in the snow
We're pretty lucky - we're tough enough to do this. Will-power is doing this! We have Girl Power. (We might need back-up.)

I think Fall is telling us Winter's coming.

Let's make some hot chocolate today!

Science, Math - Slug and Rain Water Collection Update

Measuring, counting by 2 and 5, graphing, comparing


Planning, decision making, taking initiative, experimenting, eating healthy
You never know what I'm going to make, Mom. 

How do you know? 

It's just magic.

Mystery Salad

dried cherries
dried blueberries
pumpkin seeds
ginger sesame dressing

Introduce them to every kind of food, except candy. I'm like, "Sure, I'll try it!" You know frog ears? I've never seen ears on a frog.

Language Arts - Story Writing

At VLC - mind mapping setting, characters, plot
The North Pole is a cold, dangerous place. Lulu is a mischievous boy. He doesn't have a dad. He has brown hair and blue eyes.

Lulu runs as fast as he can. The polar bears are trying to chase him -- four polar bears. He locks the door. And relaxes. 'Cause like phew!

We can make a part two one day.


Printing, memorizing spelling rules and sight words
Spelling - that's a hard one! Gold - I'm gonna get that one right!

What does "manageable" mean?

Math - Addition and Subtraction

Homework from VLC - understanding definition of "sum" and "difference"; solving addition and subtraction problems, using Math Playground
"Sum" means all of these are plus.

My friends at school are going to be like, "Wow AZ, you didn't like math!" I'll be like, " I learned some new tricks!" "What do you mean?" "Math, of course. That was the main problem."

I don't think I'm going to be able to balance this eraser on this pencil. 

I'm balancing this!
Fine motor planning; fun!

Physical Education - Gymnastics

Increasing strength, balancing, following directions
I think gymnastics was a good quality for me. Because it helps me not make stuff fall down -- reflexes. I think it brings me better reflexes. 'Cause of what happened.

Calendar - December

Saying the date: day, month, number, year; sequencing: days of the week, months of the year, ordinal numbers (first to thirty-first); temporal understanding/patterning: yesterday, today, tomorrow; printing practice: "X" from corner to corner, without "dots"; small, legible letters; executive functioning: keeping track of appointments, reducing anxiety and perseveration

Field Trip - SPCA

Social interaction; petting animals 
I liked going to the SPCA and I got to see the cats. No dogs today - it was too cold.

You can only pat a cat if you're adopting it. I petted Chestnut 'cause Chestnut was out there and you can pet her. I was like, "Yay!" But I thought truly I was going to get a cat. I felt awkward. I felt shy to talk about it. 'Cause it was a secret.

When I went away I felt confused 'cause I thought I was adopting Chestnut, but I was not. I misunderstood. I thought I was getting a cat by adopting it, but I was wrong and that made me disappointed.

That's it.

Geography, Language Arts - Saskatchewan

VLC Homework: researching Manitoba flag, flower, animal, license plate

Angry bison attacks
That's like a hippopotamus! That's like a crocodile got dirty! That's like a sheep! Oh my gosh! Are they actually dangerous? What?!! They're nasty! Do they do it on purpose? Will they kill you? How? Fast as cheetahs?

I don't think this is going to go well. Stupidly enough; they should know better than that! I admit they can attack a lot of people - like five thousand! People: you should run - like seriously! I tell you - he's gonna get that hand bit off! Oh! Oh! I tell you: do not mess with a bison - I tell you! Seriously.

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