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Home Learning Week 13 - Memory, Sewing, Back Brace Adjustment

Discussion: Horror Movies

Are you afraid of Freddy Krueger? Your brain gets tied up and you get worried? Not me - you know I like horror movies. Freddy Krueger... he's terrifying-looking. I don't want to mess with him. He scratches people on the face with his sharp nails. He touches their face - makes them feel more scared than before.

I bet they hate it as much as I do.

Visual Memory

At VLC, using Cuisenaire rods - copy the pattern, compare, correct
Put the green next to the blue and put the yellow on top of the green. Is this challenge to make me laugh? Do you think he's funny? Will we do any homework today, Mom?

I did this perfectly. I'm amazing. Why do you want me to say that?

Because it's true, right?

Yeah. Ha ha ha. Let's get rid of the yellow. No, no, no - don't get rid of the yellow. Get rid of the black, change the green. Correct. I am amazing and I'm awesome. I did it perfectly and I am amazing!

I did my math homework correctly. Do you want to look at my homework now? Are you doing an accent again? Are you the year of the dragon or year of the monkey? I just want to know.

Listening - Following Directions Exercise

At VLC, with Becky - listening, processing auditory information, following directions

The listening activity I do with (AZ) is a 'following directions' exercise. It is done to ensure (she) is listening effectively, and processing auditory information correctly. It requires (her) to pick out 2 or more pieces of information from the sentence(s) to complete the instruction. For example, a colour and a target. In simple terms it is designed to improve her listening skills. (She) has been doing really well, so I might try some more complex and lengthy instructions shortly, and see how she does with them.

Sewing, Recycling - Zero Waste Denim Purse

Introduction to machine sewing: threading the machine, lifting the presser foot, direction of fly wheel, holding threads to begin, sewing forward and backward, guiding the fabric, stopping, pivoting
My arms are listening but my leg is not.

Introduction to hand sewing - threading the needle, making a knot, holding the work, holding the needle in the right hand only, tying off, snipping threads
This is excellent! So that means we will actually sew on my purse today? One day soon.... This is simple! It seems hard but it's easy. All you have to do is try it everyday and it's perfect!
Machine sewing practice - controlling speed and direction, pivoting, stopping and starting,

Oh my god, Mom, look how high we are - if we jump there we will die! It's sealed so we can't go out there.

Math - Addition of 1 and 10, Subtraction of 1

Homework from VLC - +1, -1,  10+__,  __+10. Can do each type of question in isolation, but not all mixed up - requires discussion of how to approach problem 80% of the time
Mom! This tricky one again! Help me! No - I know what to do. Got it! Uh... 1 on top of the 3... look! Oh no! I'll erase that... that's not a good 2. Look! I know what to do! Andrew - you can't trick me! Can he or not? Not for long, baby, not for long!

Everyone can die, Mom.

Health - Back Brace Adjustment - 10:30-5:30

I've been going there almost for like a long, long time but I still can't handle this. I feel like my power of will got away; I can't handle it anymore. I'm trying to control myself, but I can't. I don't know why, but I just can't. It's the worst feeling I ever had - my brace. I just can't handle this. That's why I hate Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx. I don't want to be strapped to that plastic table. My stomach hurts and I just don't even know what to do about it.

Can we go now? Let's take some snacks - I might get hungry.

Reading: Critter Club - Amy and the Missing Puppy

Oral reading - plus many, many story books

Subtraction of a number from itself

Subtracting, using Math Playground
You know this makes me feel like to rip off my head ? The 5 and the 5 is tricky, and the zero.

This is so not fair. Other kids get to play and I don't. This is actually not a playground. This is just math - my worst day ever. I want this day with no homework, but I know I've got homework to do. If I go slow I'll probably still beat her.

Any number minus itself is 0. That's way beyond math!

Recipe - Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Following instructions, pouring boiling water, using "helping hand" for safety, mixing, composting

Peppermint Hot Chocolate
1 peppermint tea bag
4 tbsp hot chocolate powder
Boiling water

Put one bag of peppermint tea in a cup with boiling water and then wait until awhile and then put the hot chocolate in and start stirring. Really good.

Kinder Surprise Prize
This little figure is Dori swimming in the water. I think it's really cute. I have short memory term and I forget things, like when my mom tells me what to do sometimes and I say, "What did you said again?" Dori has short memory term, too. Remember? It's all true.

Soaring Eagle Nature School - December

Tracking, carving, identifying animals and plants, walking, running, playing
This is the coldest girl, ever, and the wettest. My hair looks nice in the rain. I probably want to stay in the bath for awhile. If I get hungry you'll say, "OK AZ, I'll bring you some snacks." Maybe I'll have hot chocolate first... 

I'm finding all sorts of goodies in my hair! Mom, I found another pine needle! A little dirt is fine.

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