Tuesday 10 May 2016

May 9, 2016 - Where my son sits; where my daughter used to sleep

Chair and footstool - new friend; brown blanket - India, before me; bed frame - Craigslist; coffee table - alley (thanks Linda); diner cup - Prophouse Restaurant close-out; carpet - seized property auction (thanks husband);  red blanket, cabinet, painted by me - Costco;
wall colour: Benjamin Moore Camouflage - Chris A
Cardboard boxes - what's going to Daddy's
My husband is dismantling our daughter's bed. He carries it down the narrow stairs, piece by piece, to the living room: a blue and white picket fence leaning against the melted-ice-cream-textured fireplace. My daughter inspects it when she returns home from school.

"It's getting closer," she says. "It's getting closer, going to Richmond." She goes upstairs to her emptying room. "Look at my bedroom," she tells me. "Go inside. I'm lucky. My bedroom is clean... I guess it's a play room now."

Cheapola glassware (fireplace shelves) - alleys and free boxes; cast iron love note bowl - Ontario; mirror - estate sale; tree of life (hanging) - Metepec, Mexico; Pineapple boy (window ledge) - Taxco, Mexico; red chair - neighbour's mother

My son has a heart as pure and good as an angel. A swearing angel whose vocabulary is guns and strategy and dank memes, which I'm not permitted to repeat.

When he drives he takes me to places of bizarre imagination, wonderful surprises, and clever wit I simply do not understand on my own. When we connect he guides me there. I give over my confusion, my exasperation, and I can see - not the sharp tip of the pyramid showing above the sand, but the base that supports it, buried deep below. It is a foundation of caring, tolerance, openness, desire to do good, temperance, and love. 

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