Tuesday 31 May 2016

May 31, 2016 - Everything Will Be OK

Places to go, people to see, lunches to pack
I have something to tell you about your future when you are ready to hear it. Remind me.

Everything will be OK? It will be even better than before? Kids are resilient? I won't regret this? This too shall pass? Give it two years? When a door closes a window opens? It is a rebirth, not a death - it only feels like it? Every little thing's gonna be alright?

Meh, not exactly... Those statements are way too sweeping.

Of course it will be ok, what's the option...?

It won't be better than before; it will be different - very, very different. It's impossible to compare.

Kids are resilient, but they still hurt too - forever.

As for regret, time will tell. 

This too shall pass - yes, then it will come back around, then pass. Waves - it's like waves.

Give it two years - two!? Please! I've given it 6 - still waiting (some great times in there though). 

When a door closes... doors close. Open another, peek inside, slam it shut, fling it open, leave it shut or reopen it. 

Rebirth not a death - it is a death. Mourn it, grieve it as such; until that is done, there cannot be a rebirth. 

But, yes, every little thing is gonna be alright.

I'll still tell you about something about your future some time, cuz those cliches ain't it! ;)

How will I know when I'm ready?

You will know, Grasshopper.

Sigh. There could be a neon sign flashing in my face, but to understand it I would need to examine it: touch it, smell it, unplug it, plug it back in, consider how I feel about it, listen to it buzz - then stand back and see what has been in front of me all along. That's just how my brain works. It can be exhausting - for me and the people around me; it's amazing no one has strangled me, yet. And it takes. so. long. I guess when they say we all have special needs, it really is true.

Everything will be OK - I have been told this by many people, in a hundred different ways. I'm beginning to know that it's true.
Good question