Monday 9 May 2016

May 9, 2016 - Daughter's Bedroom

"There was a space there, and a window, but no walls, no floors, and no way to get in. We were hoping to find treasure, but all we found was a desiccated rodent, and some old newspaper, stuffed around the windows. I put it in the blue bag. I don't remember how we disposed of the - what was that thing we found, a rat?"

"I don't remember."
  • Wall colour: Dulux Strawberry Puff - Chris
  • curtains, lampshade - me
  • cardboard-and-glue-gun doll house - Dr. R
  • felt pen tote tray, home-made doll cradle, ceramic elephant lamp, framed picture of two dogs, square nicknack shelves - yard sale or alley
  • bedside table, bureau and mirror (not shown) - Carol and Chris (refinished with auto paint in a home-built spray box)
  • Second hand American Girl doll - Craigslist (thanks, Laura)
  • Rose's bed and bedding - with love, from Grandma
  • Braided carpet of my childhood bed sheets - me; started before I got pregnant with my son, finished just before my daughter came
  • Back brace - Ortho Dynamics
  • Flooring - reclaimed from a house like this one

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