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Home Learning Week 29: Kitchen Scraps, Northwest Territories, Butterflies, Fort Langley, Bike Riding, Estimation, Helpful, Banana Orange Smoothie

April 17-21, 2017

Recycling/Gardening - Growing Food from Kitchen Scraps

Rooting vegetable scraps to plant in garden; cutting with a big knife (point on cutting board, press)
Seriously, Mom, that looks terrible.

Geography of Canada - Northwest Territories
VLC Homework: Flag; flag meaning;  Bird - Gyrfalcon; Plant - Mountain avens; Tree - Tamarack larch; license plate

Midnight sun is when the sun goes up and down but it doesn't really go down at midnight. 

Polar night - cold, snowy, icy, dark all the time. I would not like that. I think it would mess me up. It's not funny.

There's polar bears that are in danger there.

Science - Painted Lady Butterflies Life Cycle

Observing butterfly life cycle
Are they going to be pets? No - we're going to let them free. Will we say to them we'll take good care of them? Are we going to have some butterflies? Soon, or not soon? How many butterflies are we going to get? Are there going to be boys, too? Are they going to be all different colours? If they're poisonous ones, then what? Then we'll use gloves if they're poisonous, right?

I'm excited to go there!
I thought some of them are dead, cause they're not moving. They look super strange.

I think it's ready to be petted. Oh my god, oh my god - he's trying to get out! Why's he trying to get out? Oh, now he's getting down - he's trying to get out. When it gets to tomorrow it will be full big, right?

This is what they are like right now:
Date: April 21
Age: 6 days
Stage: larva (caterpillar)
Colour: dark grey
Length: 13mm
Doing: climbing, wiggling, sitting in webbing

Field Trip - Fort Langley

Are you up to this? Maybe there is a ghost!
Learning about BC's fur-trading history
I'm excited to go here! I'm getting a little bit crazy right now - how about you? I'm so excited; it looks so cool! At first when you get here you say, "I'm not excited." And then when you get here you say, "So cool! I want to go inside there!"

Where did they go to the bathroom?

Math - Subtraction of Numbers Larger than 19, with Regrouping

Build the first number; build the second number from the first number, trading one column of ten for ten ones; the remainder is the answer
Done my homework, and I don't have to do VLC homework right now! Hedgehog, do you want a hug? Oh, Hedgehog! You tooted again!

Same as above. Writing answer in correct column: ones in ones column, tens in tens column
This went well. You're always so proud of me; it just makes me laugh sometimes.

Physical/Social Activity - Bike Riding

Pushing off from standing (with help), steering, pedalling, keeping wheel straight; breaking, putting foot down when stopping, increasing balance, confidence and enjoyment; increasing fitness level
Nobody should forget helmets - it looks silly, but it's actually safer. Smart people wear helmets.

Traditions/Writing - Good-Bye Card for Becky

Becky: I will definitely treasure this. Earplugs! That is so funny! I will definitely use these! I especially love the card.
Marking passages; expressing feelings; drawing, writing, tying a bow
What picture should I write? This is going to be kinda funny. I'll try not to make mistakes. "Sad dance" - that should cheer her up. Did I write "present" right? How many legs does a dog have? Should I write "Dalmation"? 'Cause she might not know it's a Dalmation. How do you spell "teacher"? Anything else?

We really know how to do a gift!

Free Time - Activity Book

Filling spare moments with fine motor and thinking challenges; reading and following directions; cross word puzzle: one letter per square; fine motor: colouring inside the lines
There's a lot of instructions to do in colour-by-number. It makes sense when you colour it. 

Are you kidding?! It's asking me to do white! WHITE!! Oh my god, what's wrong with them? 
Apparently white works on it. See? Weird. So weird.

Reading/Writing - Emails with Grandpa

Reading emails and photo captions; replying
Ha! That is the cutest dog I seed! Dogs make you walk when you go outside. Oh, come on - look at this picture - it's hilarious!

Social and Emotional Development - Appropriate Questions, Continued

Compiling list of potentially socially inappropriate questions; discussing in what circumstance each question might - or might not - be appropriate, and proposing alternative, acceptable questions or comments
Your shoes look tight for your feet.
You don't have any prize for me, do you?

That's kind of rude.

Canada Project - Finished!

Andrew: What an absolute celebration!
On the Wall of Fame
Turning lists of facts into paragraphs; compiling paragraphs, flags, photos from each province/territory into one huge poster
It almost felt like forever, didn't it? In a good way. Aw man - this really was worth it; this was worth it, wasn't it?
Showing pride in accomplishment

Listening Comprehension/Following Directions

Listening to and following directions, with one repetition permitted
I told you I was not pretty good at chickens! There are some snakes in the trees! A lot of snakes!

Everybody gets distracted - what's that sound?

Math - Intro to Estimation

Andrew: I've got to throw down this big, complex word today: tell me if you can read this...
AZ: Estimation. You never make it too hard for me.
Introduction to the concept of "estimation" - target: the red dot is the answer, the blue is pretty close, the white is not close at all; introduction to rounding down
Andrew: The red dot is the answer. If I shoot a bow and arrow, or a rifle and I hit the blue... it's not a bullseye (but)...  it's still pretty good - that's what an estimation is: a fancy word for an accurate, well-informed guess; having a good idea what the answer is going to be before you do the calculation. We do the estimation before we answer the question. 

One of the first skills in estimation is called "rounding".

Social and Emotional Development - Helpful

Processing, recognizing, discussing and developing language for emotions; fine motor: colouring
I like to be helpful. I help people if they're having trouble with work - I helped a boy read because he had troubles. I cook dinner with Mom. I help Dad bake sometimes. It feels helpful - it's a good feeling.

Cooking: Made-Up Recipe - Banana and Orange Smoothie

Combining flavours/ingredients to make a new recipe; measuring, pouring
4 frozen bananas
1 orange, peeled
1 tsp flax seed
2 tbsp hemp hearts
1/2 cup mixed frozen fruit
3 cups milk

Blend and enjoy! It's basically what you have to say: blend and enjoy, right? It's excellent! If anyone wants to make this same smoothie, we'll say, "Go ahead!"

Teenagers: feisty girls and swearing boys

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