Sunday, 26 March 2017

Home Learning Week 25 - Schedules, Yukon, Pysanky, Bank Machine, Regrouping, Loved, Term 3 Reflections, Soaring Eagles #5

March 6-10, 2017

Reading - Schedules

Reading schedule to find out order of instructors: find the day of the week, find the time, look for your name, look for teacher's name
What day is it today?

Canadian Geography - Yukon

Klondike Gold Rush. They find gold and they crushed it.
The Northern Lights are in Yukon - in the sky. They are crazy pretty.

Cooking - Pizza

Gaining mastery and independence: spreading sauce evenly with spoon; choosing topping combinations, sprinkling on toppings; setting oven temperature and timer; setting table
The secret to pizza is you have to have that yummy sauce all over or it's going to be very, very dry and that's not good.

I'm going to get messy as heck here. Messy as heck is fine - it just means you're getting dirty. I sprinkle them around... I kind of like the feeling of cheese getting cold in my hand. Cheese is necessarily not very good for you.

Cooking - Soaking Beans for Soup

Soaking beans in many changes of water; pouring, using helping hand
To make them not fart.

Traditions - Pysanky

Fine Motor: copying with wax, dyeing; selecting colours by order of shade (lightest to darkest); removing wax with heat
Our neighbours teached us to do it. It is difficult. It takes a very, very long time to finish it. It does, right? It looks so cool. For sure.

Self-Care/Money Management/Everyday Math - Using the Bank Machine

Reading and following prompts; keyboarding skills; counting
Bank machines are math. It brings you money.

Everyday Math - Dividing Equally

"Dealing" crackers into equal piles
They're like little pancakes or something - barbeque flavour.

Math - Regrouping

Switching out ten ones for one ten
AZ: You're not saying I'm going up a level in math?!
Andrew: I am saying that.
AZ: I am not ready.
Andrew: You are ready, young Padawan.
Adding, using squares on 10x10 grid to make sum, without regrouping; writing the addends and sum as numbers; replicating with Cuisenaire rods
Andrew: Things are about to get real.
AZ: No, no no...
Andrew: Oh, stop being such a chicken. It's just math.
Adding, using squares on 10x10 grid to make sum, with regrouping; writing the addends and sum as numbers; replicating with Cuisenaire rods
AZ: "50-ten"

Andrew: We're not allowed to have numbers bigger than nine in the ones. So what do we do? When we add up the little, white ones, ten of these is the same size as one of the tens. When you get a full column of ones, you get to take these away and trade them in for another ten. Now what number is it?

AZ: 60

Andrew: ...What you just did has a sophisticated math name and it's called "regrouping". Regrouping just means trading in ten of these for one of these. You just trade them because they are equal - they are the same size.
Adding, using Cuisenaire rods, to make sum, without grid, with regrouping; writing the addends and sum as numbers
What the...! What in the world! Zero ones and ten tens!? One hundred! What the heck?! That is just amazing!

Are you thinking that I can actually handle this? That I can actually do all this math?

Oral Reading - The Fire Station - Robert Munsch, Michael Martchenko

Reading for pleasure and to pass the time; a quick read
Tricky words: Michael, Sheila
I finished the whole thing while I was waiting - it didn't take very long.

Oral Reading - Where Did I Come From?

Reading for information and interest; discussion
You must be pushed out very hard.
Lots and lots of discussion: menstruation, conception, month-by-month development of baby in utero, birth
They want to spend more time to hug each other tight. The big hug. Were you grossed out when you heard your mom say that to you? When your mom told you?

Spelling - "ou" and "oi"

Memorizing spelling rules and sight words by repetition, writing and extension exercises: Scrabble tiles, magnetic tiles; printing legibly
I was doing spelling there. I like spelling.

Social and Emotional Development - Loved

Happy. Nice. Happy. My mom and dad make me feel loved. 

Gymnastics - End of Term Report

I like the balance beam the best.
Increasing strength, balancing, following directions; turning, knee scale, stork stand, straight jumps on high beam; cartwheel; bridge with one leg up and bridge kick-over
I'm pretty strong - I did that when I was in taekwondo.
I like her attitude. 

Third Term Reflections

1. What did you like to do outside recently?

Soaring Eagles - I liked all of it: I went in the forest with my teacher, Peter, played some games like camouflage, tag, and racing. I enjoyed animal tracks on the snow.

2. Who do you look up to and what have you learned from them recently?

I don't have anyone I look up to. I look up to Miranda, but not everyday. She is nice. Nothing very much else.

3. What did you practice doing a lot recently and how would you explain or teach it to someone else?

Doing math homework - addition and subtraction. Addition is plus - you add them together. Subtraction is minus - you take one out. The best way to learn math is to use Smartie Blocks (Cuisenaire rods) and practice a lot.


Saying the date: day, month, number, year; sequencing: days of the week, months of the year, ordinal numbers (first to thirty-first); temporal understanding/patterning: yesterday, today, tomorrow; printing practice: "X" from corner to corner, without tracing "dots"; small, legible letters; executive functioning: keeping track of appointments, reducing anxiety and perseveration
What's going to happen tomorrow?

Vocabulary - Ella Enchanted

Writing sentences showing understanding of vocabulary from Ella Enchanted
Some times it's not fun to do it, but you just gotta do it.


Objectives: "to start listening as soon as the speaker starts speaking; to listen to the entire directions; to remember the directions while searching in highly detailed picture; to carry out the directions accurately"
AZ: I have good eyes. You can't trick me.

Becky: I wasn't trying to trick you.

AZ: I know. But if you were, good try.

Social and Emotional Development - Appropriate Questions

Compiling a list of potentially socially inappropriate questions; discussion of the questions - when are they appropriate, or not?
I don't know what to say!

Soaring Eagles Nature School - #5

Hiking, tracking, birding, identifying animals and plants, survival skills, physical activity, enjoying the fresh outdoors with other kids
I'm going to get messed up today - dirty, wet... messed up. I'm going to get soaking wet, no matter what happens!

I'm definitely cold and dirty, so there's no choice - you're going to bring me a bath - a warm one! Warm me up, baby - yeah, yeah, yeah - oh yeah!

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  1. I am very glad that you practiced reading the name "Sheila".
    From Sheila

    1. Wow! You sure read the fine print! :)

    2. I do not know what to write. Thanks for reading my post.


  2. Hey Az,

    I think the balance beam looks difficult. Why do you like it best?
    It looks like you got really messy when you were outside. How did you get so dirty?

  3. Because.... I like going up high.

    I just stayed there out for a very long time. I was in the forest, playing with some charcoal, picking up sticks, scraping off charcoal from the tree 'cause it was dead.

  4. You like going up high? Aren't you scared? I don't really like high places.

    Charcoal is dirty stuff, that explains why you got so messy. Where were you playing in a forest? Was it nearby? I didn't see any forests when I was visiting...

    1. I am kinda scared and not kinda scared. And I like that feeling.

      I was with Soaring Eagles at Pacific Spirit Park.