Thursday, 9 March 2017

Home Learning Week 24 - Real-Life Math, Nap, Lonely, Wolfdogs, Spring, Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

February 27 - March 3, 2017

Everyday Numbers - Reading Temperature

Estimating temperature; reading thermometer; discussing changes in weather and seasons
Winter just told us off, 'cause look: it's 1... 1 degree. I thought winter was close to over! Oh, come on! Right? I hope it doesn't start snowing all day today, today.

Writing - Responding to Blog Comments

Identifying nap direction in fabric and animals
"Hey AZ,

"... It is strange how animals feel different depending on how you touch them, isn't it? Why is it when you pet a cat or dog from head to tail it's smooth, but when you pet it from tail to head it's rough?"

NAP! Nap is how the fabric goes up and then down, but it doesn't like it. It only likes going up, but not down. Animals' nap goes down.

Alpaca doesn't like when you pat it this way.

Real-Life Math - Age Difference
Using Cuisenaire blocks to find the answer to a real-life math question: age difference
"My son, Hugh, is 13 years old. How many years older is he than you?"

13 - 10 = 3   He is 3 years older! 

Math - Adding 2-Digit Numbers to 99, With and Without Ones, Using 10x10 grid

Writing number for coloured-in squares (addends) on 10x10 grid; colouring in grid to represent the sum; writing the sum as a number (5 sheets)

I think I need to do more home schooling. I was working so slow - as slow as a bug. Now I'm like (snaps fingers)!
If Carlo saw this, what would he do? What do you think he would say? He'd congratulate me!

Social and Emotional Development - Lonely

Processing, recognizing, discussing and developing language for emotions; fine motor: colouring
If I have no friends to play with, I did (feel lonely)... yeah, 'cause your friends bring good memories. 

I do recommend asking them to be your friend, asking them nice questions: if I can, can I join you? What's your name? You just wait until they have eye contact, then say hi. And if you have snacks and you want to share - as long as schools allow that. As long as they're not like, "Nah, go away" - then walk away. 'Cause who knows what their attitudes are?

Oral Reading - Critter Club - Book 4: Marion Takes a Break

Reading out loud for enjoyment and understanding; discussing plot; inferencing; predicting
Reading punctuation: period - stop; exclamation - excited or loud; comma - pause
Tricky words to read: satin, whew, cooler, boomed, Marion, "looksie", lemonade, booths, hopped, ladle, though
Period! Oh no, I didn't meant to say that! That's funny and ridiculous, right?

Internet Research - Wolfdogs

Looking up topics of interest on the Internet; using both hands to type; reading and sifting through information
Some are domesticated and some are not. No wolfdog for me, because they are dangerous. See? I'm not kidding! They are furious! I'm not kidding, right! I told you they're real. Now do you believe me they're real? I think they say, "Don't mess with us!"

You should believe me 'cause I have the dog encyclopedia book - I'm not lying. They are very, very ferocious.

Self-Care, Nutrition - Reading Ingredients

Reading nutritional information: calories, ingredients; discussion: artificial flavours, colours, additives; comparing nutritional information and ingredients of different products; discussion: bought vs home-made
When I taste yours they don't taste at all like that. I want to make it exactly the same as that. I don't want to follow the instructions on the recipe.

Gardening - Signs of Spring

Looking for signs of Spring: hellebores, snowdrops, tender new leaves, worms in warming soil
It's dramatic! What is it doing? It's dramatic - see? Why is it pooping on me?

Who's the mother of the Earth? Mother Nature! She takes care of all the plants, if you take care of them, too. She gives you a helping hand!

A little dirt won't hurt if it gets into your mouth, it's fine. But a lot of it will be too disgusting. A little dirt is fine.

I'm going to make daffadaisies!

Oral Reading/Science - Magic School Bus

Oral reading for interest and information; stimulating interest in various areas of science for future investigation
I watched one once, and I was not interested of it, but now I am! Ms. Frizzle is definitely out of the ordinary. Wow - she is a scientist!

Math - Addition and Subtraction using Math Playground

Addition and subtraction, mixed up with 10+, 10-, +/-1, using Cuisenaire rods
5) 5 + 8... how do we do that? Oh yes! (Cuisenaire rods) 13!

Thank goodness there are erasers in the world, right?

Canadian Geography - Prince Edward Island

VLC Homework: learning about Canada, Internet research, colouring, writing - PEI FlagFlag MeaningFlower - Lady's SlipperBird - Blue JayLicense plate - Birthplace of ConfederationInteresting Facts
This is fun, right? I like this part. Like what do the license plates say?

Real Life Math - Age Differences, Again

Answering her own real-life math questions using addition or subtraction and Cuisenaire rods
Howard is 4, AZ is 10. How much older is AZ?

Ooh - that's a tricky, tricky number! Howard, you might be shocked by this!
10 - 4 = 6
Six years older than Howard!

I think Honey's 5 years old, so I think... Honey this is shocking! Honey, Look! Look at this! I don't know what it means. What does it mean, right?

My age: 10 years
Honey's age: 5
10 - 5 = 5
Honey is 5 years lower than me.... younger!

What do you think Andrew will say... Wow, AZ, that's impressive! Do you think he will say that? Wow - proud. Do you feel proud?

Math - 2-Digit Addition Without 10x10 Grid, Using Cuisenaire Rods 

Representing each addend with Cuisenaire rods; pushing the rods together (first the ones, then the tens) to make the sum; writing the sum
5) 18 plus 40. Eight ones. What was I doing there? What do I do here? Oh, I know - put them together!

I always get tired when I'm done math.

Cooking - Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Reverse-engineering a recipe; melting chocolate using double boiler; fine motor: dipping strawberries; discussion and taste test: dark, white and milk chocolate; discussion: calculating cost to make recipe, comparing cost to price in chocolate shop
Oh - that looks good, is it hard to do?

It is not hard! It looks super-hard, but it's easy. You get some milk chocolate and melt it. We got the top of the strawberries and dipped the bottom of it into the chocolate. We sprinkled it with dark chocolate from a squeezer.


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  1. Carlo is very proud of you!

  2. Az,

    Those strawberries look really tasty! How many did you make? Have you eaten any? How many are left? Will there be any left if I come and visit in the summer? :-)

    1. Oh oh - we did not- they're all gone. We'll make some when you're here!

  3. Hey, that's right Hugh is 3 years older than you. How about my daughter. She is 8. How much older or younger than you is she?

  4. So you are right in the middle between Hugh and Oona! Hopefully we can come and visit so you can get to know each other.