Sunday, 5 March 2017

Home Learning Week 23 - Worried, Adding Tens, Nova Scotia, Science World #2, DIY Lip Gloss, Soap

February 20-24, 2017

Emotional and Social Development - Worried

Processing, recognizing, discussing and developing language for emotions; fine motor: colouring
I felt worried. I was at school... math: I couldn't do it at all.

Math - Adding Tens

"When you get tired and you're stretching your brain, that's when learning happens. When you go home and you go to sleep your brain will ...recall information and processes (you) learned the day before..." (Andrew, VLC teacher)
Writing number represented by coloured-in sections on 10x10 grid; adding tens; colouring in grid to represent sum; replicating equations using Cuisenaire rods
Am I ready for another level? Don't start tricking me!

Thirty plus twenty equals fifty... I just went to a higher level! What number did I went to now? What grade level in math?

Canadian Geography - Nova Scotia

Learning about provinces of Canada; Internet research; writing; colouring

Oral Reading  - Critter Club, Book 4 - Marion Takes a Break

Oral reading for pleasure and understanding; commenting on the story; predicting
Tricky words: Marion, decorations, exclaimed, sixth
"Chapter 4 - Friends to the Rescue"
She can't go galloping with the horse! I like how it goes bumpity-bumpity on the horse. Your whole body be like up and down, up and down, up and down. I feel comfortable. Say "salta" - or something like that.

"Chapter 5 - Back to School?"
"Marion hated being last." Ooo - strong words!

"Chapter 6 - Broken dreams" - Broken dreams! That's no good!

Oh, I forgot a period - I have to read this all over again!

Science - Field Trip to Science World #2

Exploring science exhibits, especially animals and animal "boxes" (Sara Stern gallery), memory games (Kidspace gallery) and a wander through Eureka gallery
Mom, I think these are real scientists.

Find 6 Errors (Kidspace Gallery)
Systematically comparing two similar pictures to find differences
This is going to be hilarious. This is going to be hilarious, you know! This is really at my level, Mom - right? Andrew is helping me so I can do these.

Matching Game
Comparing, remembering, matching
Dang it - this is really hard for me. No - I get it, I get it, I get it, I get it, I get it!

Am I beating it up? It's like tic-tac-toe - you've gotta get something right.

Drawing, Colouring
Fine motor practice: using finger to select, draw and colour; reading and following instructions; taking turns
I'm going to make something and you colour it in. OK - I'm ready for you - use any red. This thing is really hard! (Do scientists already discover short-term memory? How?) Now, what did I made? It's a bat!

Beaver (Sara Stern Gallery)
 Sara Stern gallery - Snake Box, Insect Box, Fossil Box, Dung Box and puzzles - available at gallery desk - discussion with staff about specimens and games inside boxes
This is a real beaver. It's probably real fur. Yeah - it's soft. Let's go touch the snakes.

Let's go and look at the poo. How did you got able to find dinosaur poo? It sounds really, really crusty.

More Oral Reading - The Tale of Two Bad Mice - Beatrix Potter

Reading out loud for pleasure; discussing story and reaction to story
Hunca Munca - she's a mischievous one! Are there more stories about Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb together?

"And very early every morning - before anybody is awake - Hunca Munca comes with her dust-pan and her broom to sweep the Dollie's house!"

Oh no! Poor Hunca Munca - right? Why can't Tom Thumb do it - right? Poor Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb get in trouble together - they can get in a lot of mischief!

Money Management - "Birthday Money" Purchases

(Shopping - making choices based on interest and budget; tallying prices; paying)

Intense fine motor practice; deciphering and following instruction graphics; managing frustration
They're asking me to do this and it's impossible! 

DIY Lip Gloss
Incredible feat of concentration: reading and following written instructions, using the "helping hand", measuring, counting ("add 40 drops!"), waiting patiently, sharing
This is going to be yours, Mom!

DIY Soap-Making

Reading and following written instructions; fine motor practice: using "helping hand"; measuring, stirring, pouring; using microwave, waiting patiently
Oh my gosh! So, they're really, really nice! You try! They're very, very soapy! This is nice! I can do cold, I can do warm. I made them! A DIY: glycerine soap! I am not kidding.

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  1. Love the DYI projects! And sounds like a great informative outing to Science World! Thank you for sharing your learnings. - Dahl

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Dahl.

  2. Hey, that was a really full week! You guys did a lot! I really like what your teacher Andrew said about sleep. I like Beatrix Potter too, but I haven't read about Hunca Munca. You say they are mischievous- what did they do? That soap looks nice- what did you put in it? Was it difficult to make? If you made it again would you change anything?

    1. Bad things - she broke some plates and she took some baby stuff. She got it from a doll house.

      I really don't know - it was a kit... glycerine, bubble gum smell and tropical smell. No, it was not difficult. Nope - I will not change anything.

  3. She took some baby stuff? What did she take? Did she need it, or just want it?

  4. She needed it for her mice children. She's naughty! A bolster, a chair - what did they need a chair for?! - a bird cage, a book case, a cradle. I know why: because she has kids - she has to have a cradle for them. A broom, a dust pan, a blanket, some of Lucinda's clothes. That's naughty. Pots and pans, and several other things.

  5. Wow! She took a lot of things! I think some of those things might be useful for a mom or a mouse or a mouse child, but I'm not so sure all of them were needed? Other than a cradle, what other things do you think she really needed for her or her children?

  6. All of the stuff that makes her life comfortable.

  7. Hmmm, what do you need to make your life comfortable? I need a motorcycle- hopefully one that works.

    1. Don't know... a comfortable bed, books, smelly markers... probably. Nice smells.