Friday, 24 February 2017

Home Learning Week 21 - Emotions, Ordering Numbers, Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Soaring Eagles 4

February 6-11, 2017

Emotional and Social Development - Emotions

"The colouring book... [is] a way to encourage students to talk about their emotions.... It incorporates a colouring break into our classes, as well, which she likes! It is one of a few resources we have that helps children develop a language for their emotions, which can help with internal processing..., and also help them to recognize how others are feeling." (Becky, VLC teacher)
I'm gonna do a proud colour - is that appropriate? I feel so, so proud of myself. Mom, I feel so proud of my self! How proud of me are you? What number? Out of a thousand! How proud are you for yourself? I am so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so proud!

You know what I do feel like? Is that I really, really, really, really, really, really, really feel proud of myself.

Moo, moo, moo, moo. I'm being a cow right now! I don't know why - I feel like it!

Math - Ordering Numbers

Finding the number that comes before or after a two-digit number; counting, starting at various two-digit numbers; counting to 100; differentiating "before" from "after"
I don't know why I complained from that!

Math - Addition and Subtraction

Addition and subtraction, mixed up with 10+, 10-, +/-1, using Cuisenaire rods 
Who do you think is going to be proud of me? Am I starting to do Big Girl math? How much?

Math - Tens

Recognizing "tens" in a two-digit number - the first number tells how many tens
 I get it.

Science - Animals - Field Trip to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Observing animal specimens, making comparisons, discussing adaptations, asking questions, touching feathers
 There used to have a turtle you could pet. Where did he went?
 I think there's a lost egg. I think some of them already hatched.
I'm really interested of what that feels. Their feathers change their feeling when they start to get aggressive - they bush up.
"You have talent and interest. Keep asking questions - your questions are great." (Shane, museum volunteer)
At the Beaty Biodiversity Museum we saw dead animals - in jars, too. We were able to touch dead animals, but they were soft: a dead bird, and a dead owl wing. Shane was kind. He was a person that let me pet the animals that were dead. Seeing the animals in jars and getting to touch them was fun. And I bought a lollipop that had ants in it. Yeah - I did eat the ants. It was very, very bad.

Soaring Eagle Nature School

Hiking, tracking, birding, identifying animals and plants, survival skills, physical activity, enjoying the fresh outdoors with other kids
I sure really want to get into the bath. There's probably forest all over my glasses.

We walked and walked and walked until we found a snack place, then we walked and found a place to eat lunch. But I didn't finish my tea.
Wet and dirty = fun + laundry
I want to be in a club that helps the Earth. What should we do - more things that help the Earth... 'Cause I really love the Earth. 'Cause think of it this way: the Earth takes care of us - especially the sun.

The Earth and the sun made a deal: to make all the vitamin C and all the vitamins we need - and that's the deal they made for us!

Really, the Earth is going to die if it doesn't get taken care of. The Earth has to be spic and span and clean. I mean, seriously - it's going to die if it doesn't survive!

Foundations Skills Assessment - Grade 4

I have not tested myself before - but I know myself is pretty smart. I can go on and on a long, long time.  
Not every princess is a real princess, but me, I'm a real princess; I was born with real manners. Belch! Excuse me! See?

I just beed a little bit cheeky! (AZ)

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  1. Wow, sounds like busy day. It is strange how animals feel different depending on how you touch them isn't it? Why is it when you pet a cat or dog from head to tail it's smooth, but when you pet it from tail to head it's rough?

  2. I love the Beaty Biodiversity Museum! It's one of my favorites... but I've never gotten to pet the dead things before. You are very lucky!

    1. Thank you, Dahl, for saying that to me.

  3. I love naps. :-)
    I really like the insect museum in Victoria. You get to hold really cool insects. I guess I'm lucky to pet dead things, but don't you think it's better to pet live animals like cats and dogs or even rabbits or guinea pigs?

  4. Are you joking about naps? (I don't think he knows what we're saying about nap.) Nap is how the fabric goes up and then down, but it doesn't like it. It only likes going up, but not down. Animals' nap goes down.

    One day I will go petting insects in Victoria with Mom.

    Live dogs are the best to pet, but I just like petting - both dead and alive.

    Yes, I agree pettings guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs

  5. Oh you mean that nap! I don't sew so much so I thought you were talking about taking a nap. But if nap is how the fabric goes up then down then why are napkins called napkins? They don't have any nap do they?

    You should definitely go to the insect museum! I'll send you some pictures.
    I wonder why different animals feel different when you pet them... Also people feel different when you pet them too! Do you think the reason is the same?

    I guess it's best to just pet animals though- because some people might not like it if you petted them!