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Home Learning Week 32 - Encyclopedia Brown, 41st Ave., Money, Chrysalides, OT Assessment 3, 600 Million Years, Mishka, Related Tens, Round-Offs, QE Park, Mother's Day Card, Acting and Dancing

May 8- 12

Oral Reading - Encylopedia Brown

Reading for enjoyment and understanding; discussing the characters, plot and vocabulary
Ooo! This is getting exciting! Do you want me to read it to you? I mean he's quite handsome for a detective!

Field Trip, Physical Activity - Walk to 41st Avenue to Buy a Butterfly Spray Bottle

Reading, Real Life Math: Spas

Reading price list, calculating cost and value
One day I'd like to go here for a spa. I'd probably go there one day for a manicure and pedicure combo, and the other day go here for a facial. If it's not too expensive, then what? If it's not too expensive then we'll go here.
Calculating cost of mani-pedi combo plus facial
So... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.... I made 60. I think this is going to be too much! Whoa! I definitely don't think we're going to go to that spa. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 Distracting me! ...$115 - we can't go there! 

Let's check the other ones.
Hypothesizing, wondering, observing
I might go here one day. Look - they probably put you down on the bed and give you a massage. I think that is just resting. Look at that one: I think it's the counter, then there's hot stones and they put it on you and I guess you stay there.
Ooo! Look! Is she naked? Someone's getting a nice time over there. What do you think happened to her?

Gardening, Cooking, Money: Vegetable Store - Fiddleheads

Discovering local foods in season; learning about ferns; trying new foods; making purchase; counting change
What are they? Are they delicious? If they're too expensive, then what? Do they smell bad?
I really don't want to eat that - it looks terrible.

Money - Dollar Store

Reading for information, smelling, choosing, purchasing, counting change
This store smells really bad, doesn't it? Root beer, scented candles... I smell flip flops. Oh my god, this smells so good. Smell it! Sweet strawberry - take a sniff. Doesn't it smell good?

I kind of want to bring this to Owen. Look - it lights up! If we agree on something, what will we do? It's an emoji - kinda weird. This is bubble solution. Tattoos - I love tattoos. It's so squishy, but so nice at the same time. Remember we have to get something? 

Excuse me, where are the empty spray bottles? We're looking for spray bottles.
Naming coins and bills, stating their value (may need to read coin), counting change; discussion: exchanging money: 10 dimes = $1 coin
Using Cuisenaire rods to calculate approximate change: $20 - $4 = $16

Painted Lady Butterflies: Chrysalides

Observing and recording life cycle; caring for their needs at each stage; Internet research, reading
That dead one disappeared, didn't it? I am not going to be happy to smell this thing. It looks awful on the top, doesn't it? OK, let's open it.
Preparing to remove chrysalides to cage
Not bad. I'm a little afraid to smell that one, 'cause there was a dead caterpillar in there. 
Observing, counting, cutting apart the paper with the chrysalides attached
I'm not used to cutting this paper - no, I can't.
I want to touch it, but I know I shouldn't... Ticklish - feel! Silky and bumpy. What did you thought it would feel? 

Look! I think this one is dead; it's not moving! Careful! Let me check if that's ok. Should we take a picture of that? 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Do you want to touch it? Funny! This one moves a lot; the other ones are fine being shaked, right?
Pinning paper with chrysalid to side of cage; spraying chrysalides with water
Comparing 6 through 27 days:
April 21
April 26
May 4
May 12
6 days
11 days
19 days
27 days
2 plastic containers
2 plastic containers
2 plastic containers
Hanging from paper pinned inside a net cage
6 larvae
5 chrysalides
1 dead
11 chrysalides
dark grey
dark grey
Chrysalides are silver grey and gold
41mm (caterpillars)
Climbing, wiggling, sitting in webbing
Crawling, sitting upside down on the lid, pooping, shaking, hanging in webbing
Caterpillars: hanging upside down, like a J; crawling, eating

Chrysalides: shaking sometimes; hanging upside down; one is stuck in webbing
Hanging upside-down, completely still

1 shaking

Shedding dead skin; yellow balls of poop
They look weird, big, lots of meconium – it looks disgusting. Lots of disgusting   poop balls, dead skin and dead caterpillar on the ground
They’re not rattling

Daily Living/Fine Motor - Using a Safety Pin

Practicing how to place fingers in order to fasten a safety pin - very tricky!
Make a hole in your shirt? I'm very bad at this. I didn't want to pin your skin.

OT Assessment #3

Assessing printing - "best handwriting": alphabet, name, numbers; copying letters, words; using stool to position for writing: "The stool isn't the best platform to give her stability. It's a little bit high and not wide enough (but) it is preferred to feet dangling" (OT)
Sigh. Yeah, I'm done. So this is listening instructions?

Does it make your fingers ache? 
Yeah, kind of. I just colour fast. Sometimes I mess up, sometimes I don't.
Assessing the development of hand skills, fine motor/hand dexterity: individuation of digits, muscle strength, maintenance of web space, separation of the two sides of the hand, palmar arches, isolating the thumb, etc. - holding putty different ways, rolling putty between fingers; touching fingers to thumbs; making finger holes in putty; shaking dice in hand; move the finger that is being touched (without looking) ; cutting a heart; colouring; drawing; unscrewing a balled-up piece of paper
I do like smelly markers! Well, I never smelled these ones before! Cool! Look: broken heart!

Can you cut a heart, or is that too tricky?
I'll try my best.

Can you snap your fingers?
With Carlo - I want Carlo to teach me again.

Hand and finger function, continued: picking up a small object with pincers; rolling a coin between fingers ("precision rotation of distal fingertips"); ASL "I love you"; developmental pre-dressing checklist: tying - in front and behind back, doing up buttons, etc
Seahorses are my favourite! I don't want to hurt this one!

Do you have anything in your fun bag that we're going to do together, that would be fun until you go? Anything fun in there?

Natural History: Time Line - 600 Million Years
"To develop an understanding of the story of our planet, the life on it, and the role of humans in that story; to develop an understanding of long periods of time; to develop an understanding of evolution; to practice reading for information; to practice putting facts into her own words" (Shannon)

I'm interested to see how this is going to go.

It is so hard to do the gluing, isn't it?

Recounting Information - Mishka

Internet research of areas of interest; sharing and recounting information
There is a dog named Mishka and the owner says, "I love you." And Mishka says, "I love you too!" That is unusual, but she talksMishka is amazing! The owner of Mishka says, "Are vampires true?" And Mishka says, "Nooooo!" But it's so funny! I didn't know dogs can talk! Did you? Let's look it up! Just to warn you - it's pretty funny.

Math - Adding Related Tens 

"Analogical reasoning... taking one process, noticing the similarities from that and applying it to another, related by analogy." (Andrew)
How to say numbers with three digits: 126 = "one hundred twenty six"
13) 10 - what do I have to write down here?
10 with a zero at the end.
Oh yeah! Maybe this is wrong, maybe this is right. I do not know if this is right or wrong. One hundred sixty!

Sorry Hedgehog - you're supposed to be loved, not tortured!

"Long word"... no - dang! "Long, hard work!" Thank you, Andrew! Can I get a sticker that's a happy face? He'll understand, I bet.
Using Cuisenaire rods to find the difference of related equations
(2) So nine minus eight equals one. I did that there. What's going to be underneath? 10! They're all different.

(4) So, thirty, right? Hopefully Andrew would understand that - do you think he would?

This whole page is zeros!

Physical Activity/Energy Break - Laps

I'm going wild as a bean! Oh man! Oh man! Are you trying to get me? You are going to miss me! How many more? I'm so pooped out!

Math - Continued

(6) 80 - 20 = 60
Correct, or not correct?

Daily Living Skills/Fine Motor Skills - Replacing Toilet Roll

Operating spring-activated toilet roll holder - tricky!
It's awkward, this thing! You have to kind of just force it and push it in - it's too difficult! There! 

Physical Activity - Gymnastics, Cheer: Round-Offs

Cartwheels, working toward round-offs
"She's a lefty so she starts with left foot front. She knows how to do it but when her hands go on the floor, instead of finishing the right way - which is right at the front, left at the back - she will confuse it and finish the opposite way - the same way she started. When we do it on the boxes she'll get it right, because there's not as much strength in her shoulders. Strength is impeding it a little bit." (Adriana)
She will definitely help me doing a round-off 'cause the first time it's like whoa, whoa, whoa with the legs! How do they do that? They do the legs super-fast. How do those little kids do that?

Reading - Menu; Science - Wasp

Observing insects; reading and ordering from a menu
Is it dead? How does it feel? Squishy. OK - let's not scare people with that.

Do they cook it fresh here? Oh, they cook it the hard way, Mom, they cook it the hard way.

Itadake masu.  Mmm - have a good lunch! I like eating nice and slow, so I use a small spoon. You don't want to rush your food.

Field Trip - Queen Elizabeth Park

Pond Water

Collecting pond water for future science experiment; labelling and observing; observing and interacting with geese; walking and balancing along boulders along edge of pond
Can I smell this? How much water is there? Smells good - smell it. I'll just write "pond"; I'll just write "pond water". What will we use it for?

Physical Activity, Social Interaction, Dogs

Physical activity: running uphill, downhill and on flat land; social: petting dogs, chatting with owners
Let's go up there and then run down! Let's run fast as we can! Let's do a ninja move!

How's your heart? 
Pretty pounding - how about yours?

Can she shake a paw? That dog sure likes me.

Traditions, Art, Writing - Mother's Day Card

Composing message, decorating
How do you spell "Mother's"? Mom, don't look! Hahaha! How do you spell "royal"? Are you still not looking? You can not look! Queens.... how do you spell "beauty"? And an envelope, Mom? I'm going to draw the picture on the yellow piece of paper, but can you bring me an envelope?

I'm going to draw a comic book, OK? Oh - I might need a sticker for this... How do you spell "open"? O-p-e-n until... there! Don't open the danger until Mom - it's short for "Mother's Day". I'm going to do a kind of cool picture-holder - like that - keep it until you open it!
Illustrating and writing "comic book" style
Danger - oh great!
Open it when you get to Mother's Day; it's going to be quite lovely. Can you handle it? Are you sure you can handle it? One more, Mom - OK? If I can just add this curry - it's because you like curry! OK - one more, because we like vegetables.

OK - don't peek the card. Don't peek the card, OK Mom?
Writing a poem
Mother's Day
Hope you bow for royal hats
Queens see beauty 

Mind Map, Writing - Acting and Dancing

Making mind map from encyclopedia page
Composing sentences from mind map information; word spacing: writing letters on line (no "floating" letters), move to the next line if there is not enough room - don't scrunch words; sharing interests; Internet research; vocabulary: auditorium
Jojo Siwa is pretty-looking. She's so pretty-looking - that's actually her natural face. Doesn't she look in good shape? She must be fit! I bet she wears comfortable clothes - no choice, 'cause it hurts your body if you wear tight clothes! Just if you don't want to wear gymnastics clothes, just wear a thin, thin shirt and pants.

A theatre: that's called an "auditorium", right? That's a hard word: "auditorium". I have been to a lot of them in my old school. The people are working hard. Even though they look like they are having trouble, they're not - they just learned their lines. If they did not, they're out of there!

I did such a good job I can get a sticker? I'm gonna pick this funny little guy - it's so hard to remember his name. Isn't he feisty?

Verbal Instructions/Effective Listening

Listening to and following directions, with one repetition permitted
Oh no - I'm very bad at police cars! That's supposed to be a siren there. Door. Wheels. A lot of wheels.

Visual Memory - Animal Picture Cards

Give 5 seconds to study three picture cards on rack, then turn rack so cards are out of sight.
Reproduce string of cards from pile face-up on desk. Look again at rack, compare. Using words only (no touching), describe what (if anything) needs to change. Hide rack again. Make changes. Compare.
Andrew: How'd it go?
AZ: Not bad.
Andrew: What do you mean, "not bad"?
AZ: It's perfect and I am awesome.
Andrew: Let's move right up to four pictures. Four pictures, five seconds: here we go.
AZ: All I have to do is put the badger in the middle and put the billy goat near the snake.
Andrew: This is very close to your best ever!
AZ: Does the horse have some fleas on it? It kinda looks like it. Maybe it's just dirty from the water.

Spelling - Short "a"

Writing spelling words dictated from a list, with context sentences; identifying the common spelling rule (short a)
at, and, ask, bag, bang, fat, gas, had, hat, jam, lap, man, map, rag, sang
Gas - What kind of gas?
Had - I had something and I lost it!
It's easy to get "m" and "n" mixed up! Oh, dang it!


Window shopping
Oh my god, that is called "Love Daydream"!

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