Sunday, 26 July 2015

Garden 13: Abandoned Stuff, Things of Beauty

A garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever - so true! So is a family. That "beauty" has surpassed "job" is a wonderful relief; I wasn't always sure it could happen.

Holding pen - this is where all the question marks end up: the yard waste bin, the ladder, old bricks, plants that don't fit elsewhere, excess seeds: forget-me-not, poppy and foxglove. It is turning into a garden on its own.

I stashed the window out of reach until I could decide what to do with it - 8 years ago. Think I'll hang it by an existing nail on the side of the garage...

The wrought iron plant hanger, intended for my mother two Christmases ago, was found in an alley.

The very old rhododendron tree - dubbed "the Shooting Tree" by my 4 year-old(?) son - is a hot pink stunner in late May. It's a survivor.

The apple tree got a daring, lop-sided pruning this year. I see the stump now serves as a chalk holder.
Reclaimed items, awaiting re-purposing. Useful, abandoned stuff is everywhere.
Torches: I'm wondering if it's time to find these a new home - we have had no use for them.

In the paradigm-changing words of a friend whose path might never have crossed my own had we not both given birth at roughly the same point and place in time, "Stuff comes, and stuff goes." I'll happily move them along to someone who might actually use them. But I'm an optimist: big changes have been afoot... I'm hanging on to them until the end of summer.

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