Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Garden 11: Japanese Maple Tree and Sedum (?)

Evil Penguin - a Duncan garage sale freebie - lives at the base of the Japanese maple tree, a birthday gift from my mother, purchased at Costco about a year after my son was born. Plant lust* had taken root, but there was no time for the luxury of gardening - or for perusing actual garden shops. I planted it near my kitchen window so I could watch it; now it's almost all I can see. It is exquisite all year round, but especially so when the leaves are just opening. Or dropping off. Or when it gets those dangly, helicopter seed-pods that twirl when they drop. My daughter is unable to explain the origin of Evil Penguin's name.
*Thing 3, 3rd paragraph

This stuff! This stuff is great! It came, one or two orphans at a time, from various local gardens. It transplants without fuss; magically reproduces to fill in bare spots; is easily controlled; survives shade, irregular watering and accidental trampling; and sends up a delicate cloud of hovering, white-ish, tiny flowers each spring. I've looked the name up a few times, but keep forgetting...a kind of sedum*? I'll definitely take some when I go.
*It's saxifrage London Pride, otherwise known as Look Up and Kiss Me. Thanks, Peter!

A view of the garage, which I can (sort of) see from my kitchen window, through the maple tree. The saxifrage is in full, misty bloom. The metal dragonfly edging came from my friend, Sheila. I don't remember who looked after my infant daughter so I could take my son to a parent-and-child pottery class. He made numerous camouflage-coloured objects, a dinosaur with volcanoes, and a rocket ship; I made a Please Pick the Weeds hanging and plaques of my children's footprints.

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