Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Home Learning Week 35: Money, 600 Million Years 3, Long and Short "e", Cirque de la Symphonie, Farm Visit, Sharks, Appropriate Questions, Microscope, Pandora, Telling Time, Estimation, Cheer

May 29 - June 3, 2017

Math, Daily Living Skills: Money

Naming coins, telling their value, adding coins, placing coins in order of value
A toodle and a tee: a toonie! All the real coins to me, and you can keep the fake ones.

Natural History: 600 Million Years

Making a mind map based on encyclopedia information

Using mind map to make sentences to retell the information; learning about life on Earth 500 million years ago; measuring 2m (length of sea scorpions)
Oh my god, that doesn't look realistic, at all!


Reading out loud for fun, sharing and to pass the time while waiting; showing pictures; commenting on book; judging interest and comprehension of audience
Babies just like to do anything. OK - we're going to read Touch the Bunny!

Spelling: Long and Short "e"

Identifying words with long and short "e" sound; composing sentences; printing on the line - do not squeeze letters into words
I like making this kind of "H" - it's fun when you do two lines and then put it across. "Please" is always hard to write down - it's just hard for me to write it... the spelling. "P-l-s" - that's "please", like, "Please help me. Please kick me." Something like that, right? Not really in real life - you know that, right?

Verbal Instructions/Effective Listening

Listening to and following directions, with one repetition permitted
Oh no! I forgot the instructions!

Break Time: Colouring

"Trusting instincts" re colour choice - not overthinking; refreshing before tackling more math!
Fine motor control: colouring within the lines; sensory: smelly markers!
I love colouring, how about you? I don't know... it just makes me in the mood. Does colouring make you in the mood? For colouring?

Field Trip: Cirque de la Symphonie

Wondering, predicting, managing anticipation
I love the contortion videos. They are so impressive. Never try that at home without anyone helping you! Do it when someone's helping you, kids! Contortion... when it starts you just want to focus on the video. No talking! Just focus on it! I am super excited to see the contortion! I hear contortionists are professionals at it!

Thank god there's not going to be clowns there! Do you get creeped out by clowns? The smile! The smile is creepy! And the nose! The nose is creepy, isn't it?

I mean how do those people do that without injuring anything? They must have been trained for sixteen years, or something!

Finding seat (reading section, row, seat number); watching quietly (whispering only); being patient (3 hour show!); taking public transit
I feel I want to faint, 'cause it is so good-looking!

Enjoying live theatre performance and symphony (first time)

They're not bad doing the Harry Potter song - they're not bad at all!

You have to be couraged to go on the stage there!

I just really want to know when the contortionist will happen!

Field Trip: Cranberry and Potato Farm

Comparing farm through the seasons; physical activity: walking, running, playing with dogs; learning about cranberry and potato farming; acquiring seed potatoes to plant in garden
Is it going to take us a long time to get there? How excited are you to go on the tractor? 6? That's a lot! I'm excited to go to Miranda's! She has a nice, big farm!

I have another rock in my shoe!

Taste Test: Kombuchas

Tasting, comparing, learning a little about ingredients and process
Not bad! Some of it's not bad!

Science, Writing, Mind Map: Sharks

Using encyclopedia to create mind map for future sentence/paragraph writing
Oh, I'm feeling like sharks today. I don't know why I like sharks. They're scary. I'm scared to read that part, are you?

Social Skills: Appropriate Questions

Compiling a list of potentially socially inappropriate questions; discussion of the questions - when are they appropriate, or not? Discussion of alternate questions or comments
Why does it smell bad in here? (on the bus)
How old are you?
What's in your backpack?
What happened to your teeth?
Are you adopted?

Science: Using a Microscope 

Learning to use a microscope; looking at various things under the microscope: pond water, hair, paper, plastic, crumbs, Q-tip, cotton, alcohol swab, fabric, shrinky dink, rock, dime
OK - I'm having fun here! Whoa! We're actually getting the hang of this! Looks like lava! It's so cool-looking! What the heck in the world!? Wow! Look at that: there's lines on there!

Listening Comprehension: "Pandora and the Whispering Box"

Listening for understanding; answering questions based on listening
Vocabulary: curious
Adventurous... 'cause you don't know what's inside of your Christmas present, very much.

I feel like I just wanna grab the book and just read it out of there!

Math, Daily Living Skills: Telling Time

Recognizing second and minute hands; understanding there are two of each hours per day: AM and PM; giving examples of things that happen at the same time every day; reading the hour on an analog clock
At 5 I take off my brace.

Math: Mind Map - Number Facts; Estimating Addition and Subtraction

Memorization with meaning
If you want to be a happy math student you have to memorize your number facts. All of these questions that you already know the answer to are things you have already memorized. So I don't want you to be freaked out about the idea of memorizing number facts, because you have already done this. Your job, from now on, is going to be memorizing your number facts. (Andrew)

The final steps in consolidation exercise of estimating sum and difference: using Cuisenaire rods, find the actual answer then compare with estimated answer; understanding and reading number line; writing numbers correctly in columns; noticing, writing and doing correct operation (+ or -)
One day can Carlo help me with my math? He'll know all the questions, though, since he's a math genius!

It's a lot of regrouping - I hate regrouping.

Hedgehog is a math genius who makes the homework happen. His wife, Sally, is expecting
Look! They're such a couple!

Multi-step synthesis exercise: estimating sum and difference; comparing estimated and actual sums and differences
I think the printer just got out of control!

I get it! All of them needs a zero!

Following checklist to estimate sum and difference; comparing actual answer with estimation using 100 chart and by rounding the actual answer then comparing to estimated answer
This is FUN! You did it fun for me!

Physical Activity: Cheer

Cheer 50 mins/week; "strength training" 50 mins/week
Running, jumping, tumbling, stunting; working as a team
Goals: round-offs and short cheer routine
I like the stunting.


On going to the movies: 

I gotta admit: the romance ones are nice. And some are so bad. They really pretend they’re professional, but really they’re not. Professional romance people.

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Home Learning - Week 35 Money, 600 Million Years 3, Long and Short "e", Cirque de la Symphonie, Farm Visit, Sharks, Appropriate Questions, Microscope, Pandora, Telling Time, Estimation, Cheer


  1. You had a busy week! I'm glad you enjoyed the symphony. I usually fall asleep there because the music is calming and they turn out the lights ;-)
    Any slugs this week?
    From Sheila

    1. Yes - 10 of them. Yes, the symphony is tiring. AZ

  2. Love the coins. I've been collecting the new ones for 2017, today there is a release of the glow in the dark twoonie - I'll try and get one for you!
    - Dahl

    1. What!!!!???? OH - thank you!!! I didn't even know that! That's bizarre!