Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Zero Waste Sewing Lessons - Registration Open

Learn to sew Useful Things from abandoned or reclaimed fabric and notions!
Shopping bag from t-shirt; gift bag; reusable, freehand-embroidered name tag; tea towels, napkins
Work on your own project at your own speed
Unlearn bad habits
Unravel the mystery of grain

Especially suited to beginners, the daunted and the overwhelmed

Make environmentally friendly items, including:

Reusable sandwich wrappers
Food bowl covers (no more plastic wrap!)
Bulk food bags
Gift bags in various sizes
Make-up remover pads
Zippered mesh laundry bags
Baby items: nursing pads, burp cloths, diapers, crib sheets, etc.
Patchwork pillows, pillowcases, duvet covers
T-shirts (copy your favourite!)
Toiles for fitting patterns

Or whatever you would like to sew!

Taught by Leah Price, Master Recycler, Bachelor of Education (UBC), Certificate in Fashion Arts (VCC), Board Member Our Social Fabric, former student of couturier, Blossom Jenab

  • Correct basic machine and hand sewing skills
  • Serging, basting, French seams, elastic application, zipper application, piping, turning corners, darning holes, sewing on buttons, hemming, etc.
  • How to make friends with your machine!

2-4 students: $25/hour
Private lessons: $40/hr
No extra material costs
2 hours minimum
39th and Trafalgar
Contact for particularsenoughstuffblog@gmail.com

Photo Gallery:
Patchwork pillow case zips off for cleaning

Copy your favourite t-shirt, and embellish
Design and sew a bag from denim pocket samples and old jeans

Freehand machine embroidery; repurposed denim; felting; couture sewing methods; embroidery, beading

Design and sew doll clothes with a pattern or by draping

Learn to copy garments and make a pattern
French seams, French darts, embellishment, bias cuts
Garments from repurposed fabrics: poncho from mohair scarves, vest from seat cushion
jacket from vintage polyester double-knit , freehand machine embroidered embellished top
Also from repurposed or waste fabrics: dog pocket nightie, candy wrapper collar, patchwork pop-overorigami top

Embroidered collar from medical waste

Appliqué wall hanging from discarded textiles

"Leah is meticulous in her work, she is thorough and detail oriented. She is innovative and her work is first class. In all my 60 years of teaching, I have to yet meet another person who is as capable as Leah." (Blossom Jenab, Couturier)

"When I found out she was willing to give sewing lessons to complete beginners I made sure I was in. ... She keeps the lessons positive and fun. ... She has such a huge fund of great ideas that she shares willingly." (CZarina Lobo)

"Leah is open and supportive as a teacher. We can ALL sew almost anything is her attitude. She is never judgemental. She ... indirectly gave us lessons on reducing our impact on the environment by reusing fabric being "thrown away" and making fabric re-useable bags for sandwiches and presents, etc. She inspired her students... to continue sewing beyond the class..." (K. Shah)

"...Leah calmly and confidently explained how the best way to hem the pants would be. She proceeded to iron, baste and sew (them) with such clarity that it was easy to follow, and easy to remember. I was touched by the full attention and time she gave so willingly." (Martha Reilander)

"Leah is a passionate advocate of recycling and her vision is reflected in every aspect of her life. This influences the entire community around her. Her students make projects with materials that have been diverted from the landfill. In July 2016, Leah’s students, their parents and the Vancouver public benefitted from a solo art exhibition of her creations made entirely from normal household waste. Objects discarded are turned into objects of desire and value in the hands of Leah Price." (Erika MacVicar)

"Leah was excellent with the children, engaging them in a warm, professional, efficient manner.   Her passion for sewing and crafting was evident and this joy spilled over to the kids and parents and was very contagious.  Leah runs her classes with enthusiasm.  At the same time, she is efficient, productive and very safe, as the kids are working with various machines that could inflict pain!  Leah is a natural and calm leader.  The kids look up to her, feel safe with her and are inspired to learn and do their best.  They are asked to think creatively and to work hard.   They bloom in this environment and are very motivated." (Christiane Collin)

"...We customized the class to make it zero waste by using only discarded material, and the items made were aimed to make a zero waste lifestyle easier. ... Leah challenged me to come up with my own goals and targets by having me choose what items to make and in what time frame. She listened to my hopes and provided constructive criticism when necessary. She really helped keep my mind set realistic. ... I was an absolute beginner ... and Leah was very patient, explaining in detail how to apply which technique and why... repeating the instructions or helping us fixing our mistakes. Before each class she made the item herself, sometimes with different patterns, so we could choose which one we prefer and see what the finished project will look like at the end. This practice helped to motivate us and encouraged me to keep going, even when struggling. It was a pleasure taking my first steps into sewing with Leah. I would not hesitate to take on another session with her and would definitely recommend her to others." (Celine Lopez)


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