Friday, 21 October 2016

Home Learning Week 7 - BC, +/- 1, Braces, Bees, Rain Water


Today is a special day - I'm having a "Braces Off" celebration. I have my expander off, my braces off and I'm sleeping with my (scoliosis) brace off. That's pretty special.

With braces I couldn't eat oranges or peaches - they got stuck in there! You know what I mean, right? They are stringy. I couldn't eat caramel, gum or gumis, either, so today we did everything I wanted to do: one caramel, five gumis and I am chewing a whole package of gum. Juicy Fruit is very spicy when you put it under your top lip.

I want to blow bubbles - how about a new packet of gum another day?
I don't know if my old neighbours will notice my braces are off, and my expander... Obviously they will! I have nothing in my mouth except gum and teeth and mouth. My mouth has a lot of mouth in there! I look so different than before. I totally do, right Mom? It actually changed my whole face.
This is for making my retainer. It was pink and disgusting, then it turned dry in my mouth. I don't need anything in my mouth except my retainer; I'm a normal girl!

Science - Bugs

Beetle and bee - observing, researching, writing
A bee is very soft. The eyes feel like plastic. The stinger is on the abdomen, not the head. Bees are friendly when you don't touch them. Bees drink nectar and make honey. Do wasps drink nectar? Yes, they do, but they don't make honey.

Wasps are not soft.

A bee dies when it stings you; if you want another sting from a wasp, he'll bring you another sting! That's right!

Science, Gardening, Math - Slugs

Used calculator to find total slugs moved to date: 198

Slugs are girls and boys! They're both!

Math - Addition and Subtraction 

Steady progress with addition and subtraction: she is now able to add one mentally and subtract one with a number line, at least 80% of the time, to 10 - and beyond!

Processing Speed

She writes down digital time,
then we count by 5 on the analog clock
This is code-breaking work for Andrew. I have to get a letter and write it in the square and it makes a word. I am fast.

"Jabbed" means poked.
"Wheezy" means can't breathe properly.

Gardening, Cooking, Science

Reverse engineering a recipe - still need mint
We went to the Soap Dispensary to buy clay and cocoa butter for our face masque. The Soap Dispensary smells good like Lush or Saje, but there are no labels - you can buy things there in bulk. You need to bring your own containers. That's good for the environment because we don't throw away packaging.

Science, Math - Rain Water Collection

Observing, measuring, graphing: 22 cm since October 8
Counting by 2, colouring inside the lines
We had a nasty rain storm Saturday. There's lots of rain. Holy crow!

Social Skills

Turn-taking, following directions, comparing, decision-making, counting
Uno is a fun game to play. It's not hard to learn.

Geography, Language Arts - British Columbia

Researching, writing - with Becky
Homework: Three Interesting Things about BC
  1. Dogwood is the flower of BC. Dogwood is a tree. It is pink or white.
  2. Kitsilano swimming pool is the longest in Canada. It's an outdoor pool by the ocean. I went there three times.
  3. Once Upon a Time is filmed in Steveston. That's a part of Richmond. I want to go there and see the clock tower. It's a clock and a tower! It's both! You can actually see Rumpelstiltskin's workshop there, too!

Recycling, Traditions, Communication, Art - Halloween: Wednesday Addams

Wednesdayold dress, stockings, poison bottle

I need to find black shoes. I am going to wear braids.

AZ on Talkin' Trash Radio show, October 31, noon - Zero Waste Halloween Ideas

This is a lot for me. I didn't expect myself going on the radio! I'm kind of excited about it.

Science - More Bugs!

Brown, six legs on abdomen, two long feelers on tiny head, small, speckly wings with stripes on the edges, small, brown eyes on the side of its head 
Our new house has bugs we've never, ever seen in our whole life. We found this in our kitchen. We don't know what it is! It's a strange bug - there's nothing like it in my book! It looks creepy. It is trying to escape. It might be scared. Let's stick it outside right now.

It is not a scorpion because it doesn't have a tail like a scorpion, or pinchers.

We think it is a Helmeted Squash Bug. Helmeted Squash Bugs destroy squash plants and make a stink if you bother them. It's not dangerous, so we didn't have to worry about it. Good thing it didn't make a bad smell in our house!

Have a good day!

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  1. Congratulations getting your braces off. I will write on my calendar to listen to the radio on Halloween. Sheila

  2. Hi Sweetness,
    I also have a Dogwood tree outside my office window in North Vancouver. It has white flowers and is very beautiful in full bloom. Good luck on the radio - I know you'll be great!