Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Garden 14: Harvest

Much of this year's harvest: pickled peppers, rhubarb.
Basil submerged in olive oil is said to keep a year in the fridge!
Dinner: cheese omelet for my family, leftover Chinese sweet and sour fish and mixed veggies over reheated penne for me. Marinated cucumber salad, with chives, basil and pepper from my alley garden. Too hot for kids, almost too hot for me. My daughter ate 1/4 of my fish. I left most of the pasta. Not a great combination, but Iron Wok forgot the noodles! Kids: milk. Me: water. No major disregulation. No disregulation at all, come to think of it. Pretty good night.

Earlier there was a potentially exhausting exchange with my son. I persevered in "collecting" him (Neufeld phrase) and in the end supervised the making of a lunch of quesadilla with lemonade - but not before the tortillas got chucked across the room and the pan was loudly tortured by the flipper.

Next: a lesson on reading instructions: 1 cup water, 1 1/3 tbsp lemonade powder. Wait. Back up: first, an introduction to measuring cups and spoons. Disregulation has denied us these learning opportunities until now. Things are looking up.

The Ratings vs the Truth: "You aren't killing anyone real,
and you get your anger out". Hmmm
I went back to writing in the sewing room, my son to killing hostiles in the living room. My husband says he's very, very good at Battlefield. Better than my husband, by far. I'm swinging back and forth over the whole shooting video games issue. Shortly after our return from Japan I banned them outright, with an edict to convince me they would not damage him before I would ease the ban. Now I'm starting to relax. When I hear him playing on-line I'm reassured. He calls out racism, sexism and bullying. He's chill, dawg.

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