Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Waste Audit, 14 Days

Contents of sewing room garbage can - 14 days
Homework for Master Recycling class: a personal waste audit. Held on to all household waste for 2 weeks to see what I could see. This is the bag that came from the sewing room trash can. Clockwise, from top (before sorting): 
  • Marathon of Hope sticker. September - when a young girl's thoughts turn to Terry Fox. My daughter ran for Terry.
  • Two lunch bag love notes can be made from one grocery store receipt. 
  • Yellow name tag from a hand-me-down backpack from the kids two doors away.
  • Candy wrapper - one of two unexplained bits of trash found during my audit. Curiosity plus independence, or the beginnings of hyperphaegia? Too early to tell, but the next stage of Prader-Willi syndrome is long overdue.
  • Thread snips and embroidered, used, alcohol swabs (you read that right) - the Humatrope Collar is finally finished! These are the rejects from making the labels.
  • Broken twin needle - altered some clothes for a friend. 
  • Granola wrappers - haven't been eating properly.
  • Fish food package - my daughter finally owns a pet. Violet the beta is very well-fed.
  • Light bulb from sewing room - I spend a lot of time here, late into the night. Not quite sure how to dispose of it...
Lunch bag love notes

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