Saturday, 5 November 2016

Home Learning Week 9 - Dogs, Earrings, Adding White

Language Arts - Dogs

Mind map homework from VLC - researching, writing topic sentences and paragraphs
Tater was a Labrador, I think. A bigger dog. Big, not small. All sorts of colours. Not like speckles... patches. It's a boy Mom, not a girl. He was a teenager. He was a very nice dog. Tater liked to fetch. 

Maybe he was murdered. Maybe. I don't know. Your cat was murdered. Who would murder a cat? Why did he did that? What did he do to him? Did Tater got murdered? Ask her!

Why can cats be so hilarious? They even dance sometimes. Mom - she does not have a cat.

Field Trip - Gift From the Great Pumpkin

Celebrating traditions, following directions, social interaction, communication, self-care
It must be rock and roll because today is a special day. I just got my ears pierced. Hey girl - I'm not lying!

People will say, "Are these fake earrings, AZ?" I'm like, "No, they are not. I actually have a hole in my ear."

Chelsey's going to say, "AZ there's something different about you!" And I'm going to say, "Yup - there's something different about me, for sure! I got my ears pierced!"

Art - Colour

Colour blending, adding white, experimenting
Oh my lord! What is this? Is this a mess, or is it fun, or what? I didn't know white made pink! What the heck - it turned grey! Look! Oh my lord - look at that! It even works on markers. Look at this, Mom, it's working! We're making science here, actually! Oh my gosh, that was so beautiful. I want to do more of the white. This is awesome. It makes it turn hot pink over here. It makes it turn purple! It's magic, though. I don't know how it happened, but it's magic. We used all our pencil crayons. You were planning to do that? Sneaky. I won't make fun of you. It's a mystery how colours do that. It's a science. Add some colour to your life.

Calendar - November

Saying the date: day, month, number, year; sequencing: days of the week, months of the year, ordinal numbers (first to thirty-first); temporal understanding/patterning: yesterday, today, tomorrow; printing practice: "X" from corner to corner, without "dots"; small, legible letters; executive functioning: keeping track of appointments, reducing anxiety and perseveration
Wait! We're sleeping at the camp? That's awesome! Did you thought we were going to sleep there? I did not know that!

Soaring Eagle Nature School - Salamanders

Birding, tracking, plant identification, survival skills, fresh air, physical activity

Hey friends - I want to show you something...

I saw a salamander - what they look like - when we were walking back to a place... the gravel one. The one that's up high. I saw a picture of a salamander on a post. You can see salamander in Pacific Spirit Park. But we didn't see one today.

Did you hear about them? They are related to snakes. They're not poisonous to us, right? Your skin wants you to scratch your body because it's itchy from the salamander's poison, but it won't kill you. The ones that Peter told us were this long, Mom. They have a glow: brown. They make their little homes in holes under trees. They eat meat - worms, insects, spiders and slugs.

More Language Arts - Aromatherapy

VLC Homework - uses of essential oils - researching, writing
A eucalyptus lozenge makes you not feel sick anymore. It makes you feel healed up. It makes you... I can't explain it. We should get some for my brother.

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  1. Totally believe in the unexplained strength of eucalyptus gums!!

    1. What do you mean by gums?

    2. Probably gum trees right?