Friday, 11 November 2016

Home Learning Week 10 - Christmas List, Cupcake Face Mask, Green Poodle

Language Arts - Christmas Wish List

Brainstorming, printing legibly
Let's see if I get coal ashes or the presents I want.

Geography, Language Arts - Alberta

VLC Homework - Internet research: Alberta FlagDinosaur Provincial Park - Drumheller; Great Horned Owl; colouring 

Visual Memory

At VLC - look at pattern for 5 seconds; attempt to copy the pattern; look again, compare, articulate changes needed; cover up the pattern, attempt to make changes; repeat.
I do it in my mind.

Direction Drawing - Complex Oral Processing

At VLC, with two repetition cards, if needed: remembering vocabulary, categorical thinking, conditional thinking, following directions

Language Arts - Paragraphs

Converting mind map ideas into a paragraph with topic sentence, supporting sentences, conclusion and illustration
It's strange-looking. Did I make legs? Yes, I did. Maybe she will not notice that.

Have you seen a pink poodle before? Poor doggy. Seriously, Mom, poor doggy!

Math - Addition of 1 and 10, Subtraction of 1

Homework from VLC - Mental arithmetic: number line sometimes needed for subtraction

More Language Arts - Paragraphs

VLC Homework
I like that one; it's pretty - the colours.


Oral reading: Junie B. Jones - 1-2 chapters per day

Science - Reverse Engineered Lush Face Mask

Researching, watching video to find ingredients, instructions

I hope it doesn't look like diarrhea.

Peel mint leaves off of stem. Inspect. Use only perfect leaves. Wash off dirt (and bugs)
Trust a ladybug if you want aphids to be dead! They'll be willing to help you. They love aphids.

This is going to be strong. It might even hurt our face, Mom, right? The quicker way is to pull them off like this. The baby ones are much more tender and easy to get.

I wouldn't recommend eating an aphid. If you eat the bum that would be disgusting, right? The bum of an aphid.

I want to go cherry hunting one day.

Ready to blend
Mother load of awesome!

OK - that's faster than a cheetah! Don't put your nose in there!

Top: Lush mask
Bottom: home made
Mom - I think we found it out! I think we did a good job, Mom! Do you think your mom would be impressed? What number, out of 6?

I wouldn't recommend eating it - it has perfume and clay!

Holy guacamole! I'm doing a spa for you!

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