Sunday, 31 August 2014

OSF 3: Small Improvements, Big Change

I'm not so good with change. You can verify this with my husband. Even a lovely, brand new - but unexpected - washer and dryer set caused me a fair bit of sheepish unease and adjustment. At least until I got used to the idea.

I do, however, like improvements. Over the last months we've made a number of small improvements at OSF that have resulted in a big CHANGE.

Cut fabric is now priced by the piece!

(No more $25 Fill-a-Bag option)

The resulting OSF Shopping Adventure should be:

Easier!  Most of the cut pieces are now rolled and marked with an approximate (erring on the generous!) measurement. No need now to guess, unfold or pull apart bundles.

More efficient!  The rolls of fabric are neatly arranged in the green bins so the contents are visible at once. No more endless digging and searching. (To those who miss the thrill of the hunt: volunteer to sort and roll. You'll never know such excitement!) Easier for us to keep the place tidy, too.

More clear!  The cut fabric is all either:
  1. Marked with its measurement, in which case it costs $2/m.
  2. Not marked with its measurement, in which case it is less than a metre long, or is cut strangely.  These unmarked pieces are $1 each.
  3. Otherwise marked.  Usually silk, linen, or something special.
As you may know, the bolts of fabric are now grouped along the walls according to price: $10-$60 per roll. The shelves at the back hold only the drapery sheers and the obvious upholstery fabric. No need to track down a volunteer to figure out the price. Almost like a real store, you might say.

More Eonomical!  Selling the fabric by the piece means you no longer have to fill a whole bag. Just pay for the pieces you want.

After a period of grumbling and discomfort I generally, grudgingly, admit that any change is for the best. I hope our dear customers will eventually agree. If it helps, you can think of it as little improvements, rather than a big change. Works for me.

What else is new this sale?

We had a big donation of large, 100% cotton swatches from local bedding company, Bed. $5 each. Very high quality, beautiful coordinating cotton, perfect for quilting. I'm sure it will sell quickly.

Under the tables you will find boxes of cut pieces, all alike, priced by the box. These come from a factory that produces bedding and draperies for hotels. $4 to $20 per box.

Once again, there is a lot of free fabric to be had. A whole lot.

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