Wednesday, 22 April 2015

OSF 9: Free Fabric!

We give up! Or should I say, we give away! This sale we are concentrating on moving dead stock. We have many bolts of several types of free fabric to be had ( photo), as well as rolls of ribbing in many bright colours, and rolls of waistband facing, all FREE. Take it away! Plus, cheap serger thread, deeply discounted bolts of fabric, bundles of lovely wool knit, and sample books. PLUS WHICH! There have been two sizable donations since the last sale, so you will be sure to find something useful.
FREE! Not just for waistbands - we challenge you to find a use for this cool stuff! Look for Carol's purse, on the wall near the cutting table, for inspiration.

Find this lovely, soft velour and high-quality wicking sportswear on the wooden racks- $5-$30/bolt

Serger thread $1 per cone. A bargain!!

Look for this elastic on the newest stock in the green bins. We've finally run out of pink!

Social, but never sour - that's us!

Lots of 80's prints to be found in the green boxes, thanks to a recent estate donation.

All rolls of knit ribbing FREE

Bundles of gorgeous wool knit $5 each

There are still a few high-quality sample books to be found $1-$5 each, as marked. Great for small projects, or piecing. And I mean high quality.
Reduced: $40 A whole soft, flannel, baby quilt's worth, already cut.

See you on Sunday!

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