Thursday 12 February 2015

Garment 10: Love

Love letter, or recycling gone too far?
Shortly after our son was born my husband declared, "I love him so much I would suck the snot out of his nose. If I had to." With our daughter it was, "Even her poop is not offensive." Now that's love.

Are those pockets, or are you just happy 
to see me?

When the elastic of 4 pairs of my husband's underwear finally, simultaneously, bit the dust, I joked he should save them - maybe I could make something out of them! It was a joke. Really. It was. But, before the end of the day, I had draped the front of this t-shirt, telling myself it was an excuse to play around with the neat, variegated thread I had acquired at Our Social Fabric . I mean, seriously! Who would want to wear something made out of my husband's ancient, discarded gonch? Well... I would! Yep. I love him that much.

Wearing my heart
as a sleeve?
The back is made from a piece of mesh cut three years ago for a rain pants project begun when our daughter started skating lessons. If she loved the ice half as much as I had done, she'd be spending an awful lot of time with wet legs and bottom. Some times my tights would be so wet that when I fell, my legs would freeze to the ice and would need to be hacked free with mittened karate chops.

I cut the rain pants size 7, plenty of time to grow in to them. She's now 8. For a long time the bundle of lavender Gore-tex and white mesh lining sat on my sewing table, ready to go. Then it was moved to a box of things to be sewn soon, but not quite yet. Later it found a spot in a closet of useful, but not currently needed, sewing gear. No matter where I moved it, I could hear it whispering to me between projects, haranguing, becoming progressively louder as it was ignored over time. It got a little aggressive near the end, which is how it comes to be the back of this top, even though not directly related to my husband's underwear.

And will I wear it? Guess that depends on if we can find a sitter on Valentine's Day.

Co-incidentally - and I hope this may redeem me - shortly after I made this little number, we received at OSF a personal donation that included 4 pairs of someone else's husband's used underwear! (We never know just what we'll find in those boxes and bags! That's part of the fun.) I admit I was tempted ever-so-briefly (get it?), but NO! Ultimately I could not do it! Guess I'm just a one-man woman.

Size S-M. Taken. By me, of course! Who else would want to wear my husband's old, discarded gonch? Gross.

Photography by Jeff Minuk

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